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"NC has the worst election problem in the country right now."
- Computer scientist Dr. David L. Dill of Stanford University

The Total Failure of Barack Hussein Obama II

Employee Advocate - - December 8, 2011

Obama now wants to be like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and oppose the oppression of the 99% by the powerful 1%.

Obama’s ploy is exactly what it looks like - a transparent attempt to buy votes. Obama has repeatedly proven himself to be a liar. Any rhetorical promises he makes will be instantly forgotten, just as his promises of “change” were forgotten.

If Obama wanted to emulate FDR, he has had years to do it. But he chose to sell out to every big money racket in the country. He either sold out or was secretly bought by the other side from the beginning.

When Obama came into office, the country was on the brink of a Bush induced depression. Obama could have created FDR type work programs and there would be no unemployment problem now. With no unemployment problem, the financial picture would be much brighter. If Obama had kept his original promises, he would now be a shoo-in for reelection.

But his only interest was in bailing out banks and other large corporations. Stimulus money went to large corporations. On May 13, 2010, Duke Energy announced that it would accept hundreds of millions of dollars in stimulus money. Only crumbs went to the people.

Obama is desperately trying to climb onto the coattails of the ever-growing Occupy Wall Street movement. But all he has to offer is rhetoric and dead weight.

Obama’s best move would be to resign and give someone with a modicum of credibility a chance.

McCain Bombards North Carolina with Robotic Calls

Employee Advocate - - October 21, 2008

The citizens of North Carolina are being deluged with thousands of robotic calls placed by the McCain campaign. McCain is so desperate to win North Carolina that he has hired the same people who smeared him in 2000 to smear Barack Obama.

People have reported receiving call after call filled with outright lies about Barack Obama. There is no live person to respond to. But if you listen through all of the garbage, you will be given the number of the Republican National Committee.

It’s sad that McCain has stooped to using the very tactics that G. W. Bush used on him in 2000.

Hillary’s Last Shot at VP

Employee Advocate - – May 26, 2008

In March, Hillary was floating the idea of selecting Obama as her running mate – even though he was the front runner! Since then, she has steadily lost ground, and would now probably be grateful to be the VP candidate herself. But after all of Hillary’s trite and desperate attacks on Obama, he would be a fool to select her as his running mate.

A Bag with Baggage

Hillary’s 35 years of baggage and political arm twisting would make a mockery of Obama’s call for change. And, never forget, with Hill comes Bill and all his baggage.

Yet, there is still a slim hope for Hillary to get a shot at a VP slot – not on the Obama ticket, but on the McCain ticket!

Hillary has been turning more Republican every day. Hillary has even quoted comments by Karl Rove as a reason for her to stay in the race. If she views Karl Rove as a guiding light, then she certainly needs to be in the GOP. Apparently she never considered that Karl Rove would naturally want the weaker Democratic candidate to prevail. Of course, a drowning politician will grasp and any straw, and Karl Rove is the last straw!

Joining the Republican Party would be merely a formality. Hillary is George W. Bush in a pantsuit. Her campaign has been reminiscent of Bush’s last two. She has spent the bulk of her time trying to “swift boat” Obama.

The VP candidate is traditionally the hatchet man for the presidential candidate. Converting the term to “hatchet lady” will not be necessary; Hillary has earned the title “hatchet man.” It is a role that she was born for, and she would not even have to come up with new attack material.

Hillary’s Latest Act of Desperation

Hillary’s Latest Act of Desperation

Employee Advocate - - March 11, 2008

Hillary’s latest act of desperation has also been echoed by Bill Clinton. The desperate duo have repeatedly suggested that Obama would make a great running mate for Hillary. But there is a slight problem with the Clinton’s suggestion. Obama is in the lead – NOT Hillary!

If the two candidates were to be on the same ticket, it should be Obama as the presidential candidate and Hillary as the second banana. Hopefully, Obama will be smart enough not to select Hillary as his running mate. Obama does not need Hillary’s 35 years of scandals! And, he does not need Bill Clinton scurrying around in the hallways, creating mischief.

Obama clearly sees through the Clinton’s lunacy. At a town hall meeting he said “Now first of all with all due respect, with all due respect, I won twice as many states as Sen. Clinton. I won more of the popular vote than Sen. Clinton. I have more delegates than Sen. Clinton. So I don’t’ know how someone in second place can offer the vice presidency to someone in first place. If I was in second place I could understand but I am in first place right now.”

Obama also addressed the Clinton’s claim that he is not ready to be the commander in chief. He said “I don’t understand. If I am not ready, how is it that you think I should be such a great vice president? I don’t understand. You can’t say he is not ready on day one, then you want him to be your vice president. I just want everybody to absolutely clear: I am not running for vice president. I am running to be president of the United States of America.”

The Columbus crowd of 1700 gave Obama a standing ovation.

Video: Obama Blasts Dream Ticket

Hillary: The Queen of Denial

Hillary: The Queen of Denial

Employee Advocate - – March 4, 2008

Hillary cannot seem to grasp that her champagne is going down the tubes. She keeps trying to reinvent herself in the image of Obama.

Obama was for change in government. Suddenly, Hillary was for change.

Obama appealed to working Americans. Suddenly, Hillary became interested in working Americans.

Hillary started out boasting of her “35 years of experience.” But she has only held an elected office for a few years. Unless she was boasting of being married to Bill Clinton for 35 years. That is experience, of a sort.

Hillary voted for G. W. Bush’s war and supported NAFTA. It is time for the Clinton dynasty to come to an end.

Democrats have urged her to drop out of the race, but she does not get the drift. It may fall to her husband to end her champagne.

Bill Clinton may have to shoot Hillary with a tranquilizer dart to get her off the stage.

Bill Clinton Has a Dream

Bush Voted Worse Than bin Laden or Saddam Hussein

Employee Advocate – – December 29, 2006

The truth finally came out in the latest AP-AOL News poll. G. W. Bush won the villain of the year category by a landslide, leaving Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein in the dust.

It is noteworthy that Bush won this election without the aid of The Supreme Court, sibling governors, or ballot box irregularities.

As proof that some will cling to “stay the course” Bush to the end, he also won the hero of the year category. Those voting for Bush as a villain vastly outnumbered those voting for him as a hero.

Forced to Attend Inauguration

Employee Advocate – – January 30, 2005

An enormous amount of money was spent glorifying G. W. Bush at his inauguration. Rebecca Lawson, of West Babylon, N.Y., wrote that none of this money trickled down to her army reservist son, who was forced to attend one of the parties. He had to foot all the bills and was even charged for his room at a military base! Ms. Lawson’s comments were published on

My son is an army reservist and he returned from Iraq last March. He was ordered to attend one of the inauguration parties.

I am prior service myself, so I felt very proud that he was chosen from all the people in his group. This particular gathering was to honor many of the soldiers and their families who have been to Iraq.

A group of five drove down from Long Island to Washington last Monday morning, and they were to return Tuesday evening.

Around midnight on Tuesday, my son returned home, looking tired from the drive. The next morning, he told me he didn’t have a good time because they basically stood around and watched the president say a few words. He said there was no food provided for them, so they ate after the event at some fast-food restaurant. They spend all this money for this celebration and can't feed my son? He stayed at a local military base with the rest of the group, but they made him pay for the room.

Apparently, there was a mix-up, or they were short a room.

I don't care what the problem was, he was told to go, this was not an option, orders were cut for this excursion! I am disgusted and horrified that he had to even show his wallet for this event.

In addition to serving as a medic in the 310 MP Batallion, my son is a full-time student and works part-time to fill in the gaps the military doesn't. He takes his responsibility as a soldier very seriously.

I am angered at the way he has been treated. People need to know how some heroes are being treated by their own government.

Letting Down the Troops

First ‘Stephford Wife’ All Atwitter

Employee Advocate – – January 16, 2005

There has been some question as to the appropriateness of spending $40 million to inaugurate G. W. Bush for yet another term. Bush is also forcing the District of Columbia to spend $12 million of its homeland security budget to provide extra security for the inauguration and related festivities.

Thousands have been killed in a political war started by G. W. Bush. Hundreds of thousands have recently died in natural disasters. The poor economy means desperate times for many. Is this really the time to blow millions of dollars to inaugurate an incumbent that barely made it back into the White House?

First “Stephford Wife” Laura Bush says “yes” and that she is "all ready" for the parties, according to The New York Times.

These are tragic times for so many, but Mrs. Bush has her own priorities. She said "Not all the new clothes are in the house, but they've all had their last fitting."

What a comfort it was to hear that.

Laura Bush and twin daughters did not want G. W. Bush to run for president in 2000. Maybe they did not want the world to know what they knew. But now they cannot get enough of being in the limelight. They are making the most of their claim to fame - being related to G. W. Bush. reported that the twins were going to host a concert that would include Kid Rock. The whole love affair between Kid Rock and the Bushes is very strange. Bush is said to have squeaked back into office by touting “moral values.” But there is not a moral bone in the vile rock-rapper’s body. His 1990 debut album included the phrase “pimpin' Barbara Bush.” Yet the Bushes apparently fawn over him.

It’s more likely that the twins are the only ones really impressed with Kid Rock. He is definitely more on their level. Shortly after the 2004 Republican convention, the twins tried to lead a chant of “four more years” at a Kid Rock concert. It proved a little tougher that playing to daddy’s stacked house. The twins were completely ignored by the crowd.

The latest development is that Kid Rock will not appear at the concert. When asked why he was dropped, the White House danced around the issue. Suffice it to say that if Kid Rock could not offend those professing moral values, then no one could. The White House may have decided that the public would have little tolerance for the “twins values.”

Over the years, G. W. Bush has not been able to come up with a single mistake that he feels that he has made. At long last, he has admitted two regrets. On ABC’s "20/20," he brought up his challenge to terrorist to "bring 'em on." Since he made that boast, American casualties in Iraq have skyrocketed. Many more soldiers have been kill after the war that during the war!

Bush has also figured out that saying that he wanted Osama bin Laden "dead or alive" was not too presidential. Bush said " 'Bring it on' was a little blunt. I remember when I talked about Osama bin Laden. I said we're going to get him dead or alive. I guess it's not the most diplomatic of language."

That is the first sign of presidential growth exhibited by G. W. Bush since he has been in office. And it was such a baby step.

CNN reported that U.S. inspectors have ended their search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The White House says it’s going to try to find out what went wrong.

That’s one way to do it. Attack a country for no reason, based on bogus data. The alternative would have been to verify the data before the attack. The third scenario is that he the data was manipulated so that G. W. Bush could do exactly what he wanted to do all along.

The Washington Post reported that the mystery of why “wanted dead or alive” Osama bin Laden has not been captured has been cleared up. G. W. Bush explained that he has not been captured "Because he's hiding."

It will be an extremely long four years.

Bush’s Twin Liabilities

The Election Double Standard

Employee Advocate – – January 9, 2005

Republican Dino Rossi won the Washington state governor’s race by only 261 votes, according to wire reports. Challenger Democrat Christine Gregoire wanted a recount.

A machine recount put Rossi in the lead by a mere 42 votes. That was really too close for comfort, so the Democrats paid for a hand recount.

This time Gregoire won by 10 votes. That is a razor thin victory. But after ballots that had been mistakenly rejected were counted, Gregoire won by 130 votes. It was not a landslide, but it was a victory.

The Republicans predictably sued for a new election. What is noteworthy it the attitude of the winning Democrat. Gregoire said that she doesn't take the challenge personally. She said "I respect the rights of others to file an action in court. That's their right. I have to respect that, I'm the attorney general."

The Employee Advocate fully agrees that votes should be recounted as many time as it takes. If anything is fishy, a new election should be held. It does not matter which party won.

Unfortunately, Republicans only want recounts or a new election when it favors the GOP. The Republican party would not even stand for a Florida recount in the 2000 presidential election. When the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the votes should be recounted, the GOP appealed to the U. S. Supreme Court. Republican sympathizing justices saved G. W. Bush from a recount defeat.

There was no shortage of allegations of improprieties in the 2004 presidential election. This time Ohio was in the spotlight. Since the Republicans won, they were not able to see any problems with the election. Senator Barbara Boxer and 31 members of the House challenged the vote in Ohio. The certification of the Electoral College vote was suspended, while both houses of Congress debated the issue.

There was no illusion that the certification would not proceed. The move was to an effort to get the U. S. started in the directions of fair elections. The administration is trying to do something in other countries that cannot be done in the U. S. – hold honest elections!

What would it be like if there were no election double standard and votes were always recounted? Al Gore would have been the official winner of the 2000 election. No American soldiers would have died in Iraq. It is possible the 9/11 terrorist attacks would have never occurred. Osama bin Laden declared jihad on the U. S. because of daddy Bush’s war. Putting G. W. Bush in the White House was like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Worldwide Election Rigging

Employee Advocate – – December 27, 2004

The Bush administration is not happy with merely tinkering with American elections, according The New York Times. The 2000 election in America was an abomination. More problems with the 2004 election are being discovered on a daily basis.

It appears that G. W. Bush is all for democracy – as long has he can control the elections. The Bush administration spent $65 million on the Ukrainian election. Now it is trying to ensure that certain people get into power in Iraq – whether they win the election or not!

Specifically, the Bush administration wants Iraqi leaders to guarantee Sunni Arabs a certain number of high-level positions in the future Iraqi government – no matter how the election turns out. For years the US has installed puppet governments around the world. From time to time, puppets have dared to express free-will. When that happens, the puppets must be destroyed. One can enter the government puppet game, but one cannot exit it.

Saddam Hussein was once a US puppet. He was given weapons, even the dreaded “weapons of mass destruction.” This was viewed as a wonderful thing, as long as the weapons were used against Iran.

An anonymous administration official said "There's some flexibility in approaching this problem. There's a willingness to play with the end result - not changing the numbers, but maybe guaranteeing that a certain number of seats go to Sunni areas even if their candidates did not receive a certain percentage of the vote."

Reuters reported that Electoral Commission spokesman Farid Ayar said: "Who wins, wins. That is the way it is. that is the way it will be in the election…The Americans are expressing their views and those aren't always the same as the Commission's…But the Commission is absolutely independent. It is not acceptable for anyone to interfere in our business."

It is evident that Farid Ayar has more understanding of how a democracy should work than G. W. Bush ever has.

The puppet government ploy tends to lead to disaster. A more honest approach would be for Bush to just declare himself emperor of Iraq. That would be a good trial balloon before proclaiming himself emperor of the Unites States. If that flew, he would no doubt proclaim himself emperor of the world. That would put an end to red states and blue states. The world would all be red – blood red.

Dead Men Can Win Elections

Dead Men Can Win Elections

Employee Advocate – – December 12, 2004

Ukrainian authorities have already been accused of all the normal election rigging tactics. A new charge has been added, according to the Associated Press. To be absolutely sure that the upstart candidate does not actually get into power, it is helpful if he is dead.

Some candidates have run against dead people. In 2000, CNN reported that Republican Sen. John Ashcroft ran against a dead man for the Missouri U.S. Senate seat. Who proved to be the more lively candidate? The deceased beat the incumbent John Ashcroft!

Saturday, Doctors confirmed that Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned with dioxin, according to the Associated Press. Not only did he live, but the Ukraine Supreme Court invalidated the crooked election. And, parliament adopted changes to prevent election fraud. Maybe some day the United States will catch up with the Ukraine.

It was also revealed that the Bush administration spent more than $65 million of taxpayers’ money over the past two years to aid political organizations in Ukraine. Bush officials claim the activities don't amount to interference in Ukraine's election. The money was supposedly spend to build democracy worldwide.

That all sounds good. But as democracy is being encouraged worldwide, it continues to be stifled in the United States.

Supreme Court Invalidates Election

Supreme Court Invalidates Election

Employee Advocate – – December 4, 2004

Who would have thought that the United States would one day take a back seat in promoting government by democracy? The current administration talks a good game, but other countries are showing how it is really supposed to work. The students of democracy have become the teachers. The once world-wide teacher of democracy has become the student, and a slow one at that.

Friday, the Ukraine Supreme Court outclassed the United States Supreme Court by invalidating a crooked election. The Ukraine Supreme Court took the road to justice. In 2000, the United States Supreme Court took the road to political cronyism.

Last year, former Iraqi Army soldiers staged such a fierce protest over losing their pensions, that the United States restored them! Protests do not get very far in the United States these days. G. W. Bush has directed the secret service to put protestors in fenced off areas when he makes an appearance. These cages, called "freedom of speech zones,” are well out of camera sight.

Iraqi Soldiers to Get Pensions

But workers continue to lose their pensions in the U. S. The Bush administration has even attempted to invalidate the weak pension laws that exist. It used Treasury regulations in an attempt to legalize age discrimination in cash balance plans.

It literally took an act of Congress to keep the Bush administration from further meddling in the pensions of American workers. Twice, an amendment was passed to prevent the administration from spending federal money in an attempt to overturn the IBM cash balance ruling. In 2003, a federal court ruled the IBM cash balance plan to be illegal and age discriminatory.

Cash Balance Amendment Passes!

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not like the way things are going at all. He feels Moscow losing its power to influence. The old guard never cedes any power willingly. The Kremlin once maintained vast power by controlling the media. The propaganda did not work in Ukraine. What a shock that must have been. And now the election is invalidated.

The Ukraine Supreme Court has a clean reputation and the proceedings were broadcast live. There were no reports of duck hunting trips involving litigants and judges. Yes, the U. S. has much to learn.

Did Scalia Look in the Mirror?

The demonstrators have not been caged in a so called “freedom of speech zone.” They have been protesting at Independence Square for 12 days, shouting "Freedom, freedom" and "Victory."

A few days ago, an anonymous senior Western diplomat said "Historically the Supreme Court is subject to bribery and intimidation. It is as simple as that. No one has ever considered it an institution subject to independence and integrity."

Now the question is: Which Supreme Court was he referring to? The Ukraine Supreme Court took the high road.

Roman M. Zvarich, member of Parliament and lawyer for Mr. Yushchenko said "The court took the initiative to fill in gaps in the election laws. This is a milestone decision. The court took a very courageous stand."

Grigory A. Yavlinsky, Yabloko party leader, told Interfax news agency "For the first time in the territory of the former U.S.S.R., a top judicial body has rejected falsification, the use of administrative resources and mockery of the people's will."

G. W. Bush was said to support these developments in the Ukraine election. But it was his campaign that petitioned the U. S. Supreme Court to stop the Florida vote recount in 2000.

Perhaps Bush really does support democracy – as long as it is not in the United States of course.

Colin Powell Rejects Election

Sources: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Associated Press, and The Seattle Times.

North Carolina's Ballot Blues – by Joyce McCloy – November 28, 2004

(11/26/04) WINSTON-SALEM -- We've got a problem:

"NC has the worst election problem in the country right now." -- Computer scientist Dr. David L. Dill of Stanford University

"A Florida-style nightmare has unfolded in North Carolina in the days since Election Day, with thousands of votes missing and the outcome of two statewide races still up in the air." -- AP Newswire, Nov 13

Our key decision-makers are ignoring the seriousness of the problem:

"Except for the lost votes in Carteret County, Gary Bartlett, executive director of the North Carolina State Board of Elections, called the problems 'easily remedied and lessons learned.'" AP Newswire, Nov 13

• • •

North Carolina's election problems will not be that easily remedied. This year's disaster shows that many election workers are in over their heads.

Problems with voting machines, central tabulators using outdated and secret software, registration confusion, poll worker training, provisional ballots and absentee ballots are not easily remedied.

Add to all this the lack of a voter-verified paper ballot and you have no disaster recovery plan.

This is the case with more than 40 counties using touchscreen or "dial a vote" machines. The security of their votes depends on the software, source code and hardware of the voting machines. Election workers' ability, or lack thereof, to operate and troubleshoot the machines can affect the security of the votes as well.

Lost: 4,500 votes in Carteret County -- paper ballots verified by voters and retained by the election officials would have saved these votes.

Omitted: an entire precinct of 1,209 votes in Gaston County.

Missing: 12,000 more votes in Gaston County not reported. The election director hired a voting machine technician to upload the county vote totals and did not oversee the process.

Bamboozled: Guilford County bought vote-tabulating software that used outdated technology and with insufficient vote storage. As a result, Guilford County's public vote totals for president were off by 22,000 votes.

More votes than cast: Craven County reported 11,283 more votes for president than cast, voting with the same software as in Guilford County.

The State Board of Elections has relied on the advice of voting machine salesmen and turned a deaf ear to the good advice and warnings of computer scientists.

Voting machine salesmen gain access to some election officials via a private organization called the Election Center.

This organization's mission is to educate and inform election officials, yet it admits to accepting money from voting-machine companies. The Election Center hosts conferences for election officials at which salesmen provide parties, prizes and even a dinner cruise on the Potomac. North Carolina's director of elections, Gary Bartlett, sits on the board of directors of the center.

• • •

Continued computer breakdowns and miscounts prove the need for a voter-verified paper ballot. This is not a receipt but a paper printout of the ballot, to be verified by the voter and kept by the election officials in case of recount, audit or computer breakdown.

The State Board of Elections can do the right thing by consulting computer scientists to recommend real requirements for our voting systems. It should also allow sufficient time for a thorough review by outside experts, to ensure that North Carolina's voting system is the most secure and trustworthy in America.

Joyce McCloy is coordinator of the N.C. Coalition for Verified Voting (

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