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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." – Mahatma Gandhi

www.VotersUnite.org - The Many Voting Problems in North Carolina

TruthOut - TruthOut multimedia links

OverTheHillCarPeople.com - GM, ACDelco, SPO, Delphi, and GMAC Retirees

usAction.org - "We seek to take our democracy back from the corporate elite"

www.lucentretirees.com - Lucent Retirees Organization – Advocating Retirees’ Rights

Capitol Hill Blue - The oldest surviving news site on the Internet; started October 1994

HalliburtonWatch.org - News on the escapades of Halliburton and Dick Cheney

BikesAgainstBush.com - "I was arrested while conducting an interview with Ron Reagan"

The Cruel Legacy of Taft-Hartley - The restoration and expansion of the rights of workers

9/11 Commission Report - Protecting borders was not a national security issue before 9/11

AmericanJobLog.com - Interesting Reading

MichaelMoore.com - We have made it through the Dark Ages

American Bar Association - Asbestos Letter by Mona Lisa Wallace

FactCheck.org - Exposes Political Lies of Both Sides

Center for American Progress - The $47 Million Retiree Sellout

Pelican Network - Elkhorn Slough Ecological Reserve Versus Power Plant

Price of Loyalty - Hot Documents From the Bush Administration

Treasury Department - Preserving Cash Balance Plans for Workers

VerifiedVoting.org - Will Your Vote Count in the Next Election?

ERISA Pension Claims - ATT and CIGNA Cash Balance Pension Lawsuits

The National Security Archive - From The George Washington University

IBEW433.org - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 433

IBM Pension Court Document - IBM Cash Balance Plan is Age Discriminatory

2003 Proxy Statement - 9.1% Increase in Mr. Priory’s Base Salary, February 1, 2002

Duke CEO Pay Watch - Total 2002 Compensation Plus Stock Option Grants: $9,860,690

ConsumerWatchdog.org - The Foundation for Taxpayers & Consumers Rights

Alliance for Justice - Promoting a Fair and Independent Judiciary

corpwatch.org - Holding Corporations Accountable

National Do Not Call Registry - Telemarketers Can be Fined $11,000 for Violations

10KWizard.com - Duke Energy SEC Financial Reports

National Retiree Legislative Network - One of the Good Guys

Federal Trade Commission - Where to Send Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (spam)

The Center for Public Integrity - Watchdog Journalism in the Public Interest

Congressman Miller - A California Congressman Who Defends Pensions

www.gao.gov - Find Answers About Private Pension Plans

Natural Resources Defense Council - The Secret Cheney Energy Task Force

FairEconomy.org - This Site Covers Corporate Skullduggery Very Well

Forbes - Duke Energy Made The Forbes Corporate Scandal Sheet

CARD - Citizens Advocating Responsible Development

EWG.org - Environmental Working Group - Nuclear Coverage

NumbersUSA.com - Reports the Immigration Voting Record of Congress

BetterImmigration.com - Site Grades Congress on the Immigration Issue

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice - Sooner or Later We’ll Need Them

Big Class Action - A Site to "Suit" Your Legal Needs

Numbers USA - Send a Free Immigration FAX to Congress

SEC Complaint Center - A place to report securities fraud

IBM Employee Highlights - A nice site, offering summaries of IBM pension postings

Southwest Desert Sustainability - Problems with Duke Energy in New Mexico

Social Security Online - Government Social Security Site

Don Shuper - Don Works for Pension Rights for Boeing (and all) Workers

Jobs With Justice - Supports Unorganized Workers Fighting For Justice

EEOC - Genetic Testing - Executive Order 13145

ACE CORP - AT&T Concerned Employees Council on Retirement Protection

NYCOSH - New York Committee for Safety and Health

Nuclear Information and Resource Service - A Wealth of Nuclear Information

Public Citizen - Electricity Deregulation, Congress Watch, Global Trade

The Rise of Corporate Power in America - Interesting and Insightful

Pension Rights Center - If you have a pension, they are your friends

grannyd.com - Doris Haddock's fight for campaign reform

Duke Pension - Duke Energy Employee Pension Club

Contacting Congress - Who your congressman is and how to contact him

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation - The pension payer of last resort -

The Amazing Disappearing Pension - A quick explanation of cash balance plans

Cash Balance Pension Plans - Graham R. Mitenko, Associate Professor of Finance

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - Employment Age Discrimination

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - How to contact them

Karen Silkwood - An union martyr

U. S. National Labor Relations Board - Solving problems between employers & employees

Insider Trading Bounties - Information you may need to know

The Coalition for the Future American Worker - Interests of American workers