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"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own Governors,
must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." - President James Madison

Stopping Caravan Illegal Aliens Dead in Their Tracks

Employee Advocate - - December 12, 2018

These Comments Were Sent to December 10, 2018:

President Trump:

Below are a few modest suggestions that would end the illegal alien hordes:

  • Implement an asylum moratorium for 20 to 50 years.
  • Implement a moratorium on visas for 20 to 50 years.
  • Implement a moratorium on ALL immigration for 20 to 50 years.
  • Implement a $100,000 fine for crossing the US border illegally.
  • Send ALL illegal aliens to Gitmo as enemy combatants until their military tribunal.

    For Once Pelosi Understands More Than Trump

    For Once Pelosi Understands More Than Trump

    Employee Advocate - - December 12, 2018

    These Comments Were Sent to December 6, 2018:

    President Trump:

    I never thought that Nancy Pelosi would have a superior grasp of a situation than Donald Trump, but she does now! She has said "NO" to swapping wall funding for DACA amnesty. She understands that they are two different subjects. I've read that you are still willing to trade DACA amnesty for wall funding. You will lose tremendous credibility if you give DACA amnesty for ANY reason. You would be better off if you quit listening to Ivanka's "bright" ideas. Let the Construction Battalion build the wall and DEPORT all illegal aliens!

    Vote Democrat Get Amnesty; Vote Republican Get Amnesty!

    Vote Democrat Get Amnesty; Vote Republican Get Amnesty!

    Employee Advocate - - July 7, 2018

    These Comments Were Sent to

    President Trump:

    Today The Daily Caller published "President Donald Trump asserted on Thursday that a vote in November for Democrats is a vote for 'anarchy, amnesty and chaos.' "

    But if you keep clinging to DACA amnesty, a vote for Donald Trump will be a vote for amnesty! Don't try to play both sides. You need to be on one side or the other. Deporting illegal aliens and no more amnesty is what got you elected.

    A new poll confirms that immigration is the number one issue for voters. You were on the right side of the issue. Don't carry water for Obama now!

    Democratic Obstructionists are Only Half the Problem

    Democratic Obstructionists are Only Half the Problem

    Employee Advocate - - June 23, 2018

    These Comments Were Sent to

    President Trump:

    You are correct that trying to pass laws with all the Democratic obstructionists in Congress is a waste of time. But that is only half the problem. The other half is Paul Ryan. No good can come from anything that Paul Ryan's hands touch. He looks like a snake-in-the-grass and he is exactly that.

    Not only do the ranks of Democrats need to be reduced, but the RINO's need to be eliminated. How did the worse member of Congress ever get to be House speaker anyway? The RINO's are actually worse than Democrats. You know to expect the worse from Democrats. But when you own party undermines you, that's what makes the cheese binding.

    Do not help your enemy RINO's get reelected. You went into this knowing that it was total war, and you were right. This is no time to take prisoners.

    Immigration Appeasement Will Always Fail

    Immigration Appeasement Will Always Fail

    Employee Advocate - - June 22, 2018

    These Comments Were Sent to

    President Trump:

    Are you beginning to catch on that immigration appeasement will never work with the Democratic left? You signed an order to not separate illegal alien families and the media now wants the zero tolerance of illegal border crossings policy eliminated! If you cave in on the zero tolerance policy, they will only expect more appeasement. DACA illegal aliens protested your extravagantly generous amnesty offer to millions. They demanded that ALL illegal aliens be granted citizenship. The media is already using the order to not separate illegal alien families against you. One headline reads "Trump contradicts himself, reverses his own policy." Get it? The media and illegal aliens will always want more and you will be ridiculed as being weak for any appeasement. Plus, these people will never vote for you no matter how much you cave in to them. All you can "gain" from illegal alien appeasement is erosion of your base that elected you.

    Stopping Illegal Aliens Dead in Their Tracks

    Stopping Illegal Aliens Dead in Their Tracks

    Employee Advocate - - April 4, 2018

    These Comments Were Sent to

    President Trump:

    Congratulations on deciding to guard the southern border with the military. But to be effective they cannot have their hands tied. The military and Border Patrol need full immunity from prosecution for the use of lethal force in the line of duty. You are on a roll; don't back off now.

    President Trump's Part in Attracting Illegal Aliens

    President Trump's Part in Attracting Illegal Aliens

    Employee Advocate - - April 3, 2018

    These Comments Were Sent to

    President Trump:

    It is hoped that you understand your part in attracting the current horde of invaders marching toward the US southern border.

    When you offered DACA amnesty, the only word the invaders heard was AMNESTY! The various amnesty stipulations fell upon deaf ears. And why not? If you can give amnesty to one illegal alien, you can give it everyone. When DACA amnesty was explained to the invading masses, it was undoubtedly punched up to something like: "Come one, come all. Amnesty for everyone. Hurry before it's too late. Come where everything is FREE!"

    It will behoove you to NEVER, EVER offer amnesty for illegal aliens as a bargaining chip again.

    President Trump Worries About Complacency at CPAC

    President Trump Worries About Complacency at CPAC

    Employee Advocate - - February 26, 2018

    These Comments Were Sent to

    You are concerned that complacency will result in lost seats in 2018. Complacency doesn't just magically happen. Typically candidates promise what people want to hear. When in office, they develop amnesia. Why should people get excited about someone who has been exposed as just another lying politician?

    It's true your first year as president was the greatest in history. But at the beginning of your second year, you fell on your face. Promising DACA amnesty was your downfall. You even offered more amnesty than the Democrats were asking for! The supposedly "great negotiator" gave away the whole store on his opening offer! Amnesty should never be negotiated anyway. Politicians on the take have sold out the country to illegal aliens for decades. Your supporters were shocked when you joined the amnesty crowd.

    You boastfully said that your supporters would get behind you on amnesty. Only the weakest and most gullible will support your sellout. You said your supporters would back DACA amnesty except for the extreme left and right, but they did not matter. WRONG. It took ALL of your supporters to put you in office. Arrogantly throwing away the people who put you in office is begging for complacency if not rebellion.

    Once you even said that you would sign ANY DACA bill passed by Congress! You sounded like Jeb Bush babbling about a "bill of love." Your supporters did not realize they were electing s rubber stamp. You did come to your senses and backed off of this insanity. You campaigned hard across the country promising no amnesty and immigration law enforcement. Amnesty is NOT enforcing the law; it is giving illegal aliens an exemption to the law. You said more Republicans should be elected to get DACA amnesty passed. You just gave a good reason NOT to elect any more Republicans! Gridlock is preferable to any form of amnesty.

    You said you will never ever, ever let us down. But you have let your supporters down on DACA amnesty. Turn it around while you still can.

    President Trump: Back Out of Amnesty While You Still Can

    President Trump: Back Out of Amnesty While You Still Can

    Employee Advocate - - January 29, 2018

    These Comments Were Sent to

    You can never win by trying to appease illegal aliens. They will always hate you no matter what. They are even attacking Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi; you can just imagine what they will do to you! The Democrats will also hate your guts no matter what. So what will you gain from supporting amnesty? You will "gain" the erosion of your base. Your approval rating will plummet and you will be a man without a country. All you will have to cling to is the Dreamers, and they will spit in your face.

    It's not too late; back out of supporting amnesty before it's too late. Once you lose the trust of your base, it's all over. We will forgive your temporary insanity if you back out of amnesty now. But if you insist on dealing with the terrorists, you will never be forgiven. Think what it will look like with the liberal media AND the conservative media continually attacking you day after day, year after year. The Democrats and Dreamers have rejected your offer because they want everything. You can say that an offer was made and rejected and that you will now act in the interest of Americans.

    DACA Parasites Always Demand More

    DACA Parasites Always Demand More

    Employee Advocate - - January 25, 2018

    These Comments Were Sent to & Congress:

    Never give an inch to the DACA parasites. If you do, they always demand amnesty for all. Some have been fired from their jobs for laying out of work to protest. Some blocked Disneyland during work and school hours. So much for the hard-working, studious Dreamers. They do not appreciate the free ride they have already had. They only demand more. They think they can bully the United States into giving them everything. Give the obnoxious freeloaders nothing. Now they not only want DACA amnesty, but are demanding "immediate amnesty for all 12 to 30 million illegal aliens in the United States, as well as the release of all illegal aliens who are in detention centers for crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally," according to Negotiating DACA is negotiating with terrorists!

    Boehner Blows Amnesty Prediction

    Employee Advocate - - June 17, 2006

    House Majority Leader John Boehner is making a career of making wild predictions and then eating his words, only days later. reported that within two days, Boehner “changed from sunny optimism about prospects for passing an immigration bill this summer to a bleak, negative outlook.”

    Of course, Bush and Boehner do not dare use the word “amnesty,” but everyone knows that is what the bill is all about. Bush and Boehner want to reward aliens for flaunting the law.

    Tuesday, Boehner predicted the Senate and House would resolve the “amnesty” bill by the Fourth of July. The very next day, Boehner declared that the bill was all but dead.

    Boehner Eats His Pension Prediction

    Less of a Free Ride for Illegals

    Employee Advocate – – April 16, 2006

    Illegal aliens have been marching and demanding their “rights.” But those who are not even legal citizens cannot have the rights of an American citizen.

    The illegals wanted attention and they are getting it. Over 50 million Medicaid recipients will soon have to prove that they are actually American citizens and not illegal free-riders, according to the New York Times. Documentation should always be required to receive any American citizen benefit. When the gravy train for illegals ends, violating the law by sneaking into America my not be so tempting.

    If illegal aliens received something other a free trip home, they might start crossing the boarder to get out of the United States. Instead of going home and telling everyone that everything is free in America, they could go home and tell that they got hard time and a fine!

    Whatever G. W. Bush calls his proposed immigration programs, the illegals hear “amnesty,” and more flock on in.

    There is concerned that some American citizens will be cut off from Medicare, due to the rule. But the rule is reasonable, and long overdue.

    The Associated Press reported that some illegal alien have been fired for laying out of work to march! These people chose to break the law by illegally sneaking into the country. They chose a life of always having to sneak around and hide their true citizenship status. They were in no position to demand anything. Yet, they chose to lay out of work and march for more government freebies! The only question is why did these companies hire illegal aliens in the first place?

    Illegals Flock to Iowa and North Carolina

    Illegals Flock to Iowa and North Carolina

    Employee Advocate – – September 28, 2005

    Illegal Aliens are pouring into the US in even greater numbers, according the Associated Press. It’s no mystery why. G. W. Bush is doing everything possible to increase illegal immigration.

    Not only are more illegals coming in, but they are spreading out into states that are not already saturated with immigrants. North Carolina and Iowa were given as examples of states that are attracting the illegal traffic.

    Amnesty Blows Open the Borders

    NC Cracking Down on Illegal Aliens

    Employee Advocate – – April 16, 2005

    Illegal immigrants once flocked to North Carolina to get drivers licenses, with no questions asked. NC is wising up, according to The Charlotte Observer, and is now looking for ways to impede the flood of illegals.

    Some NC lawmakers had even sponsored a bill to load up illegal aliens with free college money. This money would have been supplied by the, often struggling, NC citizens.

    Bill Gheen, president Americans for Legal Immigration, said "This bill takes away the educational futures for our children while rewarding illegal families and the parents (who) decided to break our laws."

    As one might expect, the bill was not too popular with the people who would have to furnish the free money. A number of citizens explained to the lawmakers that if such a bill was passed, the legislators would never serve another term.

    This was language the lawmakers could understand; no less than seven N.C. lawmakers withdrew support for the bill.

    NC is now leaning toward no longer handing out driving licenses like popcorn and clamping down on the giveaway programs for illegal aliens.

    Republican Sen. Hugh Webster introduced a bill to deny illegal immigrants public aid. He said "If you come to America not abiding by our laws, that is a criminal act."

    Republican Sen. Phil Berger introduced a bill to tighten the NC drivers licenses requirements. He said "The state of North Carolina has been lax in that (security) obligation. There's a growing sense of frustration among our people about what's happening with our border security. ... The federal government has not done as good a job as it should be doing controlling our borders."

    Republican Sen. Hugh Webster has some advice for those who hire illegal aliens. He said "I got some news for these employers. It's a federal crime to employ these illegals."

    No NC Driver’s Licenses for Illegals

    Taxpayers Tired of Supporting Illegals

    Employee Advocate – – November 7, 2004

    The Los Angeles Times reported the passage of an Arizona voter initiative that blocks some public services for illegal immigrants. Other states, including California, are following a similar trend of no longer showering lawbreakers with free services.

    Proposition 200 passed with 56 percent of the vote.

    3 Million Illegals This Year

    Employee Advocate – – September 14, 2004

    A Time investigation projects the number illegal aliens coming to America this year will be three million. If an American tries to board a plane, he will get a security hassle. But 4,000 illegals will waltz across the border between Arizona and Mexico in a given day. Once they get here, they can load up on phony documents.

    The influx of lawbreakers poses a problem, even if no terrorists are in the crowd. But it would be foolish to assume that no terrorists tag alone with the invading masses. It’s easy to get lost in a horde like that.

    In less that one year, the Tucson Border Patrol stopped 9,051 people illegally crossing the border who had criminal records in the US! 378 had active warrants, including homicide.

    Rancher George Morin said "All these people say they are coming for the amnesty program...have been told if they get 10 miles off the border, they are home free." (Thanks, G. W. Bush.)

    The report rightly blamed both political parties for the growing problem.

    Illegals Cost $10 Billion a Year

    Employee Advocate – – August 26, 2004

    The Center for Immigration Studies and the Los Angeles Times reported that illegal immigrants cost US taxpayers $10 Billion a Year. If that’s not bad enough, G. W. Bush’s scheme to legalize undocumented workers would almost triple that amount!

    Bush wants to legalize an estimated 8 million to 12 million migrants. Not all Republicans are eating out of Bush’s hand; many oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    The study’s author, Steven A. Camarota, said "The fundamental problem is that the modern American economy is based on skills, and that makes it very difficult to bring unskilled workers in and not sock taxpayers with a huge cost. The fiscal impact of a legalization program needs to be an important consideration."

    Amnesty Blows Open the Borders

    Murder and Illegal Immigration

    Employee Advocate - - May 31, 2004

    Illegal immigrants are crossing the Mexican border as never before, since G. W. Bush announced his amnesty proposal. Bush claims that it is not amnesty, but everyone knows better.

    As the illegals pour in, so do the problems. The Baltimore Sun reported that three Mexican children were murdered. One was decapitated and the other two were partially beheaded. Baltimore police are investigating a theory that the murders were revenge over an unpaid debt for being smuggled across the border into the United States.

    Two Mexican immigrants, ages 17 and 22, have been arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of possession of a deadly weapon. They were spotted casing the area before the children were killed. One of the men is a butcher at a Baltimore slaughterhouse.

    Amnesty Blows Open the Borders

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