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"We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."


Duke Energy Employee Advocate's Purpose:

  • To promote any and all legal means of improving benefits and equitable treatment. These include but, are not limited to:

  • The restoration of retirement-pension benefits lost to the cash balance conversion,

  • The restoration of lost retirement health benefits,

  • The retention of the benefits that we have left,

  • And, to promote the organization (formal or non-formal) of all Duke Energy Corporation employees for the benefit of all.


This site is no friend to terrorist. No nuclear information is revealed here that is not widely known and freely available elsewhere.

Duke Energy Employee Advocate

Welcome Employees of ALL Companies

Although much site information will pertain to Duke Energy employees, much of it is generic and will apply to employees of all companies. All employees are really in the same boat. We are all governed by the same federal laws. It is worthwhile to improve conditions at an individual company, but even better to improve conditions nationally or globally.

We have been helped by employees of other companies and we have provided assistance to employees of other firms. ALL employees of ALL companies, retirees, former employees, union members, and non-union members are welcome.

For too long the employers have had a monopoly on influencing employment legislation. Their lobbyist are constantly in the faces of politicians, pitching the employer’s wants. Is it any wonder that the laws always seem to favor the employer? Sometimes employers plot in concert for decades to take certain benefits from employees. Money made from your labor is often funneled to politicians to grease the way to take more benefits from you.

You can help turn the tide of battle by spending a little time keeping up with employment issues and influencing them as needed. The few government agencies that exist for the benefit of employees are useless if they are never used. Your elected officials will never know your views if you never tell them what is important to you. They have no choice but to listen. Employers have control of the money, but you have control of the vote. Use it ruthlessly to protect YOUR interests.

Most employees have lost the benefits of a democracy by default. You can change that now by becoming active in the areas that affect you and your coworkers. If a company makes an illegal move, invoke the power of the proper agency. If a company’s action is questionable, make them prove that it is legal. If the laws are unjust, help get them changed. Allies can be found, but they will not do it all for you. If employees show no interest in their own well being, they cannot expect others to knock themselves out trying to assist them. There are no non-combatants in this fight. The employers will bring the battle to you. They will take, and take, and take benefits, just as long as you will submit to it. Employees can either engage the companies at every turn or die on their knees.

Duke Energy Employee Advocate
"If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time...But if you have come
because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together." - Lilla Watson
Duke Energy Employee Advocate


Everyone knows that the cash balance conversion is not the fault of supervisors or managers. You are just as much victims as we are. Everyone also knows who the guilty parties are: those in senior management. We are aware of the "meat hook" controls that the company has on you. You actually have less legal protection than we do. We will carry you on this one. Anything we get back, you will get back. Even if you hate the cash balance plan, the most you can do is maybe a little passive resistance. You can always write your elected officials. All Americans have the right to contact their elected representatives. We do not think that Duke has stripped away your rights as American citizens - yet, anyway.


(The Fine Print)
This site does not act as agent for any federal or state agency or law firm. This site will recommend any agency or law firm that we feel will benefit the employees. As in all matters, everyone is encouraged to perform their own due diligence. Where possible, phone numbers and/or links will be provided. This site is not affiliated with any political party. We support candidates who favor laws protecting working American's retirement pensions. We oppose candidates who favor laws that oppress working Americans. This site is in no way affiliated with Duke Energy Corporation. There is a fair likelihood that opinions expressed here will not represent the opinions of Duke Energy's management. We cannot give legal advice, other than in restrooms. State law also prohibits us from performing major surgery or giving gynecological exams. But do come to Duke Energy Employee Advocate often for unbiased opinions. (The opinions actually will be biased. But they will always be biased in favor of the employees.)


To Beat the Devil

Kris Kristofferson

A couple of years back, I come across a great and wasted friend of mine in the hallway of a recording studio; and while he was reciting some poetry to me that he'd written, I saw that he was about a step away from dyin' and I couldn't help but wonder why. And the lines of this song occurred to me. I'm happy to say he's no longer wasted and he's got him a good woman. And I'd like to dedicate this to John and June, who helped show me how to beat the devil.

It was winter time in Nashville, down on music city row.
And I was lookin' for a place to get myself out of the cold.
To warm the frozen feelin' that was eatin' at my soul.
Keep the chilly wind off my guitar.

My thirsty wanted whisky; my hungry needed beans,
But it'd been of month of paydays since I'd heard that eagle scream.
So with a stomach full of empty and a pocket full of dreams,
I left my pride and stepped inside a bar.

Actually, I guess you'd could call it a Tavern:
Cigarette smoke to the ceiling and sawdust on the floor;
Friendly shadows.

I saw that there was just one old man sittin' at the bar.
And in the mirror I could see him checkin' me and my guitar.
An' he turned and said: "Come up here boy, and show us what you are."
I said: "I'm dry." He bought me a beer.

He nodded at my guitar and said: "It's a tough life, ain't it?"
I just looked at him. He said: "You ain't makin' any money, are you?"
I said: "You've been readin' my mail."
He just smiled and said: "Let me see that guitar.
"I've got something you oughta hear."
Then he laid it on me:

"If you waste your time a-talkin' to the people who don't listen,
"To the things that you are sayin', who do you think's gonna hear.
"And if you should die explainin' how the things that they complain about,
"Are things they could be changin', who do you think's gonna care?"

There were other lonely singers in a world turned deaf and blind,
Who were crucified for what they tried to show.
And their voices have been scattered by the swirling winds of time.
'Cos the truth remains that no-one wants to know.

Well, the old man was a stranger, but I'd heard his song before,
Back when failure had me locked out on the wrong side of the door.
When no-one stood behind me but my shadow on the floor,
And lonesome was more than a state of mind.

You see, the devil haunts a hungry man,
If you don't wanna join him, you got to beat him.
I ain't sayin' I beat the devil, but I drank his beer for nothing.
Then I stole his song.

And you still can hear me singin' to the people who don't listen,
To the things that I am sayin', prayin' someone's gonna hear.
And I guess I'll die explaining how the things that they complain about,
Are things they could be changin', hopin' someone's gonna care.

I was born a lonely singer, and I'm bound to die the same,
But I've got to feed the hunger in my soul.
And if I never have a nickel, I won't ever die ashamed.
'Cos I don't believe that no-one wants to know.


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