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News Links - Page 16

"The wave of evil washes all our institutions alike." –Ralph Waldo Emerson

"We tax everything that moves and doesn’t move" - Hillary Clinton 10/29/09

Afghanistan's My Lai Massacre - "It was the execution-style slaying of eight handcuffed students"

The US Military: A Mindset of Barbarism - "Democracy and authoritarianism do not mix, and lead to dysfunction"

Lobbyists Retreat but Never Surrender - "more than 15,600 companies spent at least $3.2 billion on federal lobbying last year"

The President's Leadership Challenge: A Call for Bold Action - "We do not believe...that you will ever have any meaningful bipartisan support"

Corporations Are Citizens - What Are We? - "As one-dimensional 'consumers,' we've been reduced to obedient eunuchs in thrall to the economy"

A Case of Shoddy Scholarship - "Is a corporation entitled to vote? To run for office?"

No More Senate Super Majority Illusion - "The Senate Democrats should never let Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Connecticut) caucus with them"

bin Laden Can Now Control Our Democracy - "expect the Supreme Court to next rule that Wal-Mart can run for President"

Who's Activist Now? In Election Spending Case, Conservatives - "The majority blazes through our precedents, overruling or disavowing a body of case law"

Murders at Guantanamo - "The men in question were killed during interrogations in a secretive block in Guantánamo"

Whistleblower Wendell Potter on Current State of Health Reform - "He left that fight for the rights of all Americans to affordable health care"

CO2 Trade War Hits Midwest - "coal pollutants damage every major organ in the human body"

Lessons From Three Presidents on Workers' Rights - "Whatever happened to the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)?"

Nuclear Drive Trumps Safety Risks and High Cost - "the first of nearly $20 billion in loan guarantees to a nuclear industry"

Rep. Eric Massa Delivers Dick Cheney Smack-Down - "This man suffers from political diarrhea of the mouth"

A Lesson Too Long Unlearned - "Most workers would prefer to belong to unions if they could"

When We Can't Trust the Verifiers - "Bernanke, quietly cavorts with the bank CEOs he's supposed to be independent from"

Anniversary of TVA Coal Ash Spill - "One of the dumbest thing humans do is dig coal out of the ground and burn it"

$3.4 billion Indian Land Trust Settlement - "Elouise…took on the full power of the US government and won"

Plight of Contractor Raped in Iraq Spurs Push in Congress - "Franken was the prime mover behind the legislation"

Sen. Kucinich: "The class warfare is over -- we lost" - "Working people lost. The middle class lost"

Iraq-WMD Claim Came from - a Cab Driver? - "an Iraqi cab driver was the source of an infamous claim made by Prime Minister Tony Blair"

Nobel Peace President Won't Ban Land Mines - "Granted, there's a gap here between the rhetoric and the reality."

Are Americans Too Broken for the Truth to Set Us Free? - "How do abusive pimps, spouses, bosses, corporations, and governments stay in control?"

Cutting Social Security and Medicare - "There is a determined clique...that has been trying to cut Social Security and Medicare"

Will Nuclear Power Blow Up Obama's Climate Goals for Copenhagen? - "Wall Street is shunning the financing of new reactors"

Predatory Capitalism Alert - "just enough corrupt Democrats in the Senate are joining with the totally-corrupt Republicans"

Obscenely Rich Bankers Claim to Do God's Work - "But leave it to Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs…to combine self-pity with self-adulation"

Credit Card Dirty Tricks to Rack Up Late Fees - "that's what people are dealing with…their health insurance, their credit cards, their mortgages, their pensions"

Mom to Afghanistan, Infant to Protective Services - "The military backed off from deploying her on Nov. 15, after enough media attention"

Economic Crisis Is Getting Bloody - "I don't have any money. I don't have a job. I don't have anything to eat. When things get better, I'll come see you"

Uninsured Are Twice as Likely to Die in the ER - "Bottom line, being uninsured is potentially deadly"

Americans Want a Health Surtax on Wealthy - "a 5.4% income tax surcharge on individuals earning $500,000 a year"

Watered-Down Health Bill a Windfall for Big Insurance - "Should lawmakers further water-down the SFC bill, the industry will stand to profit"

Some Corporations Are "Child Labor-Endorsing, Pro-Slavery Freaks" - "It had encountered sharp resistance from Republicans and powerful business interests"

Colbert: Goldman Sachs Does God's Work - "They're like the pope - if the Vatican were incorporated in Delaware"

The Endless Censoring of Labor - "the overwhelming majority of workers who want unions don't have them"

Coal Industry Indoctrinates Children - "FOC is now selling coal to children"

Jon Stewart Cries Over Glen Beck's Organs - "I'm not saying this is a plot by Hitler to steal Glenn Beck from all of us"

CIA Sent Prisoners Abroad to Be Boiled Alive - "The CIA relied on intelligence based on torture in prisons in Uzbekistan"

Was I hired to stand in the way of health care reform? - "Meet Andy Cobb, a former professional deceiver for Blue Cross Blue Shield"

Boehner's Lame Excuse About the GOP Health Care Bill - "insurance companies would still be allowed to exclude anyone with a pre-existing medical condition"

Rape Victim Confronts Sen. David Vitter - "The company then detained her in a shipping container for at least 24 hours"

CIA Lied to Congress at Least Five Times - "CIA officials 'affirmatively lied' to Congress and misinformed the committee"

Cheney’s Selective Amnesia - "Libby told the FBI that it was 'possible' that Cheney had instructed him to disseminate information"

Lieberman Twists the Knife - "Is there a more hypocritical figure in American politics than Joe Lieberman?"

Bill Outlaws Domestic Violence As a Pre-Existing Condition - "This provision is part of the bill’s larger ban on pre-existing conditions"

3-Day Showdown with Banking Industry - "Before they got here, they spent $35 million lobbying Congress"

Murder by the Insurance Industry - "He Survived as Long as His Battery Did"

Insurance Companies Classify Rape as a Pre-Existing Condition - "Nope, we won’t take her"

G. W. Bush: Motivational Speaker? - "Bush will cement his legacy as the most successful President ever"

Don't Get Sick - "If you do get sick…die quickly"

Health Insurer Accused of "Attempted Murder" - "This is attempted murder...They targeted us"

Arbitration Denies Employees Access to the Law - "the interests of corporations can take priority over human life"

Re-Creating the Middle Class - "They'd been stripped of their promised pensions and told to make due with a...'cash balance' plan"

No Insurance If Your Partner Beats You - "it's not uncommon for people who have been abused to be denied insurance"

The Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking - "I have traced how positive thinking became the corporate culture in America"

In Washington, The Revolving Door Is Hazardous to Your Health - "Movers and shakers rotate between government and the private sector"

Who Ran Away with Your 401K? - "Fees have always been one of the built-in scams of mutual funds"

WellPoint Sued an ENTIRE STATE to Increase Profits - "I’d like to know where the premiums that we pay are going"

The U.S.'s International Standing - "The United States is the most admired country globally thanks largely to...President Barack Obama"

Dead Peasant Life Insurance - "She sued and won"

A Dose of Their Own Medicine - "Republican ‘plan’ for health care…’don't get sick’, and if you get sick, ‘die faster’ "

Glenn Beck's Secret for Crying on Cue - "The video shows Beck sitting for a still camera, making crying faces"

Insurance Industry Whistleblower Blasts Senate Panel - "For twenty years he was an executive at CIGNA and Humana"

400 Richest Americans Lined Their Pockets with $30 Billion - "And we have the worst income distribution since 1929"

Americans Pay More to Die Earlier - "World Health Organization ranks our health care system 37th"

We Can't Afford Health Care? You Lie! - "We can't afford the plan? That is a whopper. It's all choice"

Why I Threw My Shoes At Bush - "He came to say goodbye to his victims and wanted flowers in response"

Whose Funding Opposition to Health Care Reform? - "You can’t blame him for keeping his government health plan. It’s great

Boehner Backed Into A Corner - "Boehner is lying"

VIDEO: Let Freedom Ka-Ching! - "Stephen Colbert bravely stands up for corporations -- someone's gotta do it!"

Former Boss of Occupied Chicago Factory Jailed - "The prosecutors charge that Gillman defrauded creditors of over $10 million"

Laundry Liberation - "Fighting for the Right to Hang Your Clothes Out to Dry"

Shoe-Throwing Iraqi Journalist Released From Prison - "Here I am free, and my country is still captured"

You Probably Knew Crystal Lee Sutton - "She's the real Norma Rae"

Getting Beaten by Your Husband Is an Excuse to Deny Coverage - "North Carolina...South Carolina"

'American Casino' - "the crisis begins -- with then-Sen. Phil Gramm, R-Texas, leading the charge for financial deregulation"

Crimes of Wall Street - "the top 1% of the population control 95% of the wealth"

Investigate Insurance Companies - "If Calfornia’s Attorney General chooses to pursue an could open the floodgates"

Duty vs. Conscience at Gitmo - "Couch shares what he saw and heard at Guantanamo"

Unhappy Labor Day - "we have widest gap between the rich and the poor since 1929"

The CEO Pay Debate - "they cost millions of Americans their jobs, their homes and their retirements"

Uncivil Discourse - "No more Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. President. We need a fighter"

Money-Driven Medicine - "We're now treating medicine as if it were an industrial product"

Pfizer to Pay Record $2.3 Billion Penalty - "They were entertained with golf, massages, and other activities"

Wall Street's Health Care Takeover - "The industry goes to great lengths to keep its involvement in these campaigns hidden"

The Bubble That Threatens the Entire Economy - "Congress and the White House hold the pin that could deflate the executive pay bubble"

Health Insurance Lobby’s Stealth Astroturf Campaign - "DDC also maintains an anti-Employee Free Choice Act website"

Big Oil Gets in on the Astroturf Game - "political astroturf is the corporate version of grassroots"

US Interrogators Back Torture Probe - "The people who are true professionals don't see anything wrong with an investigation"

Political Fireworks Over Torture Prosecutor - "There is the potential that the investigation could expand"

Pursuing CIA Abuses - "Holder reportedly reacted with disgust when he first read accounts of prisoner abuse"

Dying for Affordable Health Care - "He lived in the most affluent neighbourhood...and treated himself to a new Porsche every year"

Republicans, Religion and the Triumph of Unreason - "18,000 US citizens die every year needlessly"

Ridge: I Was Pressured to Raise Terror Alert Level Before '04 Election - "I knew I had to...leave the federal government"

Is This Why Eric Holder Isn't Going After Bush Officials? - "that law firm paid AG Holder more than $2 million last year"

GOP Grassley's Obstructionism - "Grassley is now a shrieking idiot"

The Brutal Truth About America’s Healthcare - "Her need is obvious and pressing: 17 of her teeth are rotten"

Americans Working Much Harder - for Less Pay - "You have a very severely harmed, injured consumer in terms of income slow down"

Insurance Exec Turned Whistleblower - "I saw how they confused their customers and dumped the sick"

Mob Tactics Disrupt Health Care Forums - "In North Carolina, a congressman...had his life threatened"

Maddow calls out GOP operatives behind healthcare mobs - "Health of course not a plot to kill old people"

Busted! Town Hall Hooligan is GOP Operative - "Blish insisted she was not a member of the Republican Party"

Coal Industry Behind Forged Letters to Congressman? - "Bonner & Associates...'a leader in the growing field of fake grassroots' "

Rachel Maddow on the Town Hall disrupters - "Corporate lobbying groups brag about their ability to turn out the mobs"

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder - "encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life"

Blackwater (Xe): Killing their critics - "Prince…could be eligible for murder chares in both Virginia and…North Carolina"

Keith Olbermann On Health Care Reform - "That's a bald-faced lie, Senator. And you're a bald-faced liar"

Torturing Children - "If you don't confess, they are going to kill you"

Pay to Play Is Washington's Sport of Kings - "pharmaceuticals and health product industries spent $67,959,095 on lobbying"

Workplace Harassment: The Recession's Hidden Byproduct - "AT&T is cracking down on bathroom breaks"

Heal the Economy and Cure Social Ills - "In the Gilded Age of the robber barons, income distribution in the U.S. was very unequal"

It's Not Hard to Be a Job-Slashing, Pension-Grabbing CEO - "Only about 1 to 3 percent of us are sociopaths"

When Did Making a Profit Become the Only Reason to Do Anything? - "Some things we just didn't do for money"

Road Kill: It's Fresh, It's Organic, It's Free - "members of the Wildroots Collective in western North Carolina now eat roadkill nearly every day"

Hidden Health Nightmare for the Sick Poor - "insurance firms push up costs, buy politicians and refuse to pay out"

The Great Tax Con Job - "True, they spent over three billion dollars to make it happen"

Beaten and Held in Prison Without Charge - "Amin couldn’t anticipate where the next blow was coming from"

Executives Receive One-Third of All Pay - "The compensation numbers don’t include incentive stock options...and certain benefits"

How the Fed Prints Money Out of Thin Air - "The Federal Reserve is the black hole of our democracy"

Worst Case Scenario - "Everyone stands the same height when they're face-down in the sewer"

Organising the Jungle - "the Smithfield hog processing plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina"

Judge Accuses CIA Officials of Fraud, Unseals Secret Files - "Lamberth said the CIA misrepresented facts in the case"

"The Cause of My Life" - "We'll make it illegal to deny coverage due to preexisting conditions"

Obama and the Bush Years - "The unanswered questions are too many, the lawsuits too numerous"

Could Dick Cheney Go to Prison? - "Republicans now consider Cheney a major problem"

We Must Fight to Get the Truth - "Bush administration's antiterrorism tactics cannot be washed away in a tide of feel-good rhetoric"

GOP Sex Scandal Exposes 'The Family' - "Ensign and...Sanford have been tied to the C Street House"

Big Corporations Are Screwing Americans Over - "There are a lot of unfair, often illegal things going on in the workplace"

Cheney's Secret CIA Program - "The program could have required the Agency to spy on Americans"

More Calls to Investigating the CIA - "Cheney ordered the concealment of a covert agency spy program from Congress"

Holder "Leaning Toward Appointing a Prosecutor" to Investigate Bush - "Holder asked...for a copy of on interrogation abuses"

Cheney Linked to Secrecy of CIA Program - "The CIA kept a highly classified counter-terrorism program secret from Congress"

The Fed Under Fire - Video - "The Federal Reserve is the black hole in American democracy"

Thomas Paine - "Read Tom Paine, read about Thomas Paine, he will inspire you!"

Union Savors Victory at Pork Plant - "North Carolina has the nation's lowest rate of unionization"

Goldman Sachs Behind Every Market Crash Since 1920s - "Goldman started pushing hard for cap-and-trade long ago"

Rebel and Agitate for Change - "Even a dead fish can go with the flow"

Industry Execs Suggested Invasion - "Cheney's secretive task force was focusing on ways to reduce environmental regulations"

Jon Stewart’s Tasteful Comments on Mark Sanford - "God killed Michael Jackson to let Sanford off the hook"

Bernie Sanders on Stopping Health Care Filibuster - "it's unacceptable that Republicans keep trying to stop everything"

Made of Lies - "It began more than six years ago with a lie, followed by another lie"

CIA Crucified Captive - "Military pathologists classified the case a homicide"

A Health Insurance Insider Blows the Whistle - "To help meet...relentless profit expectations, insurers routinely dump policyholders"

It's Sleazy Union-Busters Versus the Pope! - "Bishops are standing up for what is fair and what is just"

Detainees Were Also Murdered - "Two days before Habibullah was killed, Rumsfeld signed the action memo"

Creating a 'Pollution Casino' - "backed by big polluting industries such as Shell Oil and Duke Energy"

Gas Pump Thievery - "this is the same game that Wall Street played with subprime mortgages"

The Largest Taxpayer Rip Off - "The insurance, pharmaceutical and medical supply industries...have rigged the deck"

Reckoning at Coal River - "Mountaintop removal is a national health care issue"

Grand Old Parachutes - "$10 million to tell us what it was like to annihilate the Republican Party"

Another Compassionate Conservative - "Hunger Can Be a Positive Motivator"

What Bush Told Blair Could End the Wars - "That Bush was interested in provoking Iraq is confirmed by extensive covert operations"

Corporate America's Billion-Dollar Theft - "Ethics have declined along with oversight"

Unfettered Capitalism Is Crumbling - "the top 300,000 super-wealthy taxpayers account for half of all U.S. income"

Fox Newser Arrested for Dragging Cyclist 200 Yards - "The driver again accelerated into me, with no intention of stopping"

Republican Sen. John Ensign Had Extramarital Affair - "Ensign called on...Bill Clinton to resign when...Clinton's affair...became public"

GOP Committee Paid Son of Ensign's Mistress - "was paid $5,400 by the National Republican Senatorial Committee"

War Resisters Held in Legal Limbo - "At Fort Bragg, North Carolina, AWOL an extended legal limbo"

Money, Influence and the Election of Judges - "voted to overturn a fifty million dollar judgment against the Massey Coal Company"

Senators Opposing Tobacco Bill Received Top Dollar From Industry - "North Carolina Republican Sen. Richard Burr…netted $359,100"

Rep. John Boehner Blames Bush - "We’re digging ourselves out of a deep hole"

A War Against Organizing - "threats, interrogation, harassment, surveillance and retaliation for union activity"

AIPAC Wall Beginning to Crack - "Senators and representatives have feared the wrath of AIPAC"

When Will Dick Cheney's Tower of Lies Come Tumbling Down? - "he could be proven to be a liar (yet again)"

Jon Stewart Destroys Cheney - "Cheney blamed Richard Clarke for leaving the nation vulnerable to attack"

Red Cross Informed Powell About Torture - "the people who mistreat the prisoners will be treated as war criminals"

Stuck in Your Job Because You Need the Health Benefits? - "he found that the new policy wouldn't cover his cancer for three months"

Ex-Interrogators Are Mad as Hell About Torture - "Torture puts our troops in danger"

General Petraeus: Abuse 'Violated the Geneva Conventions' - "I think it's important to again live our values"

Why the Pentagon Is Probably Lying About Photos - "Convictions must come, but first we must see the evidence"

Wall Street's Scams, Lies and Frauds - "so-called control frauds referencing the practices of CEOS in control at big corporations"

Gen. Taguba Alleges Existence of Prisoner Rape Photos - "we’re talking about rape and murder here"

Hidden or Not, Abu Ghraib Rapes Happened - "Further photographs are said to depict sexual assaults on prisoners"

Torture and Truth - "call those responsible to account so that we never do this again"

The Video Shell Oil Desperately Doesn't Want You to See - "family members of people who were killed -- will finally have their day in court"

Review of Government Secrecy Ordered - "This is music to the ears of many of us"

BrainPower: Karl Rove vs. Sonia Sotomayor - "Let's take a look at Karl Rove's academic accomplishments"

Olbermann Rescinds Charity Offer for Cowardly Hannity - "As to Hannity, you are now unnecessary"

Right-Wing Radio Host Gets Waterboarded - Lasts Six Seconds Before Saying It's Torture

Blue Cross Scared to Compete With a Public Plan - "The boys running the show at Blue Cross in North Carolina are running scared"

Cheney: Support for Israel Feeds Terrorism - "If…Cheney has fired one of his speechwriters…it will be clear why"

Wanton Rape and Murder in Iraq - "Not reporting Green’s confession to his superiors, he engineered for him an honorable discharge"

Coal, Electric Industries Big Winners in Climate Bill Deal - "the influence of the energy lobby is king"

Report Blasts SEC Oversight - "The SEC has been an impotent, toothless tiger pretty much since its creation"

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