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NC BLM Rioter Demonstrates How to Throw Fire Bomb
Joe Biden Demonstrates How to Jog Up Airplane Steps
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"Don't Underestimate Joe's Ability to F*** Things Up" - Obama

Duke Energy Employee Advocate

How to File a Complaint With the NC Utilities Commission Over Duke Energy
EPA Will Assess Coal Ash Site in Chapel Hill

Very good chance Joe Biden doesnít make it to the 2024 presidential election
Joe is the only guy that is missing in action while in plain sight

Moronic Judge Engoron Enviserated
EXPOSED! Engoron Finally Went Too Far

Coal Ash More Hazardous Than Previously Known
Coal ash could increase a personís cancer risk significantly

Illegal Aliens Demand Free Stuff
I've Got Your Work Permit Right Here

Biden Panic
President Trump's support is growing while Biden's support is declining

Everyone Knows Joe Biden is an Idiot
delusional to think he can keep the White House in 2024.

Will Biden Drop Out or Drop Dead? Biden could drop out after the holidays

Biden Disintegrates This is a clear, present danger to America

Biden's cognitive decline 'happening quickly'
He's proven to us every single day that he can't do the job, but this is going to get worse.

Joe Biden looking dazed and confused
Joe Biden looking dazed and confused is becoming all too common.

Impeach Biden, Mayorkas
A House impeachment inquiry into President Biden continues at present

Biden's brand is in the toilet - And So Is Joe QUICK! SOMEONE FLUSH IT!

Enough evidence to start a formal Biden Impeachment Inquiry Biden's Potential Impeachment

Sponsor: Remove Trump; Reply: Go FU*K Yourself! Dana White Told Sponsor To Go F-Yourself

Comer will subpoena Joe, Hunter Biden
Joe Biden involved in influence peddling

Levin EXPLODES on Biden: He doesn't give a damn Mark Levin sounds off on Biden

2 Dozen subpoenas for Joe, Hunter Biden you're gonna see swift action on Biden

He Ain't From Around Here decapitates relative, flees with head

Where's the money? Looks like it's in Joe Biden's accounts
ongoing probe in the Biden family's business dealings

This is another lie from the Biden family: Rep. Jason Smith
GOP's investigation into President Biden

Who would pay for coal ash cleanup? You or the power company?
Some utilities in other states are being required to pay a portion of those costs

Impeachment or not you can smell the corruption from Biden
The latest in the Biden family probe

Who Thinks the Secret Service is the Salvation Army? Why, Joe Biden
Biden's tedious dullness has transformed into something entirely different.

If Biden was my father, 'I'd take away his car keys': Sen John Kennedy
Sen. John Kennedy weighs in on the Biden administration's foreign and domestic policy

New Biden email
82,000 pages of then VP Biden's emails

Kameltoe Pronounces Cadaver Biden "Alive"
Joe Biden Makes Everything Worse

U S Is a Superpower, But Joe Biden is a Super Nothing
close the southern border

INCOMPETENCE: Biden, Mayorkas blasted for handling of US border crisis
growing migrant encounters on the southern border.

Never listen to what the Biden administration tells you
U.S. forces will leave footprints in the Middle East conflict.

Biden engaging in cover-up of role in Hunter business dealings
Biden is engaged in an ongoing cover-up and has lied repeatedly

Biden is a One Term President
Support For Biden is Crumbling

Donald Trump Could Solve All the Biden Weakness Problems
No One Ever Called President Trump Weak

Weak Sister Biden
Biden living in an alternative universe

We Have a UFO
UFO retrieval program

More Dirt on Joe Biden
Comer warns of what's to come in Biden family probe

It's 'the most offensive thing' Biden has ever said
Biden Tries To Take Credit for Trump's Work

Dagen McDowell: A world in turmoil is Biden's brand
Biden's weekend at the beach while the Middle East descends 'into chaos.'

N.C. governor to Duke: Build more wind and solar, less nuclear
Gov. Roy Cooper criticizes Duke Energyís emission reduction plans

Joe Biden benefited from his family's influence peddling scheme
James Comer

The Biden Name Sucks
This poll is 'bad news' for everyone, except for Trump

Joe Biden is a compromised president
Gov. Mike Huckabee discusses the Feds' warning of terrorists crossing the border

David Grusch UFO/UAP bombshells
The world is watching as the US Congress looks into the UFO UAP phenomenon.

UFOs: Investigating the Unknown
The truth behind the U.S. Government's secret Pentagon program

Biden an Embarrassment!
Stephen Miller and Monica Crowley react to Biden's Oval Office address

Biden Is NOT a Wartime President; He's an IDIOT!
Biden is a proxy wartime president

Coca-Cola quietly deletes language supporting BLM
Sprite announced a $500,000 contribution to the Black Lives Matter Global Network

Biden Busted
Direct Evidence Of Biden Money Laundering Scheme

Dems clouded by derangement and hatred toward Trump
This was a huge mistake by the US government

Biden's Weakness Could Cause WW3
US is in the process of 'melting down' on the world stage

The Appeaser in Cheif
White House's complete incompetency puts soldiers at stake

Biden's Gobble, Gobble Chin For Thanksgiving
Joe Biden has been mocked after he once again spaced out and struggled to finish a thought

Biden Cannot Remember His Own Name
"This sums up Bidenís presidency."

I've Got Your Reparations Right HERE!
Chicago suburb of Evanston has committed to paying out $10 million in reparations

Sen. Marsha Blackburn provides insight on responding to the Israel-Hamas war

Hunter Biden As Crooked As Joe Biden
Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden as a possible foreign agent

Joe Biden is 'coming apart at the seams'
and has again had a "stumble" trying to navigate walking up a small flight of steps

Biden Exhausted From Breathing; Needs To Be In An Iron Lung
Biden seems 'tired' after week of foreign policy issues

Raghead Mania
6-year-old victim stabbed 26 times with 12-inch knife

Raghead Ilhan Omar Spews Her Lies
Omar has since un-retweeted the photo after criticism.

Biden Could Barely Make It Onto the Stage
Jesse Watters reacts to the president pivoting away from the hostage situation

Bombshell report about the Biden family
Biden family business dealings probe

Others Do Biden's Job
Activist issues stark warning on future of terrorism

Biden is the master of disaster
Reps Byron Donalds and Troy Nehls argue the border must be secured

Well, Joe Biden IS WEAKNESS
Larry Kudlow: This is a sign of weakness

Sen. Scott calls out 'complete liars' Biden, Mayorkas
Biden administration's reversal on the border wall

Mongoloid Idiot Mayorkas Cannot Keep His Lies Straight
There is presently an acute and immediate need to construct physical barriers and roads in the vicinity of the border

Hillary Crawled Out of a Basket of Sluts
Clinton once referred to half of Trump's supporters as belonging in 'basket of deplorables'

Coal Ash Remains at Duke Energy Plant
For decades, the coal ash was stored on site in several large basins

Rudy Giuliani Announces Defamation Lawsuit Against President Biden
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani slammed President Biden, Democrats over attacks on him.

Trumpís brutal Biden takedown
Donald Trump is waging an all out assault on Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden's ties to sex trafficking ring
sex trafficking charges against Hunter Biden

Trump is Invincible
This could make Trump unstoppable: Kayleigh McEnany

'HOW DOES JOE BIDEN SLEEP AT NIGHT?': China is infiltrating the US
Biden's Pickanny Tries to Explain Away His Stupidy

Rep. wants to take the gloves off in Hunter Biden investigation
Rep. Tim Burchett poised to vote against his friend Kevin McCarthy to remove him as House Speaker.

Former WH senior advisor urges Americans to pay attention
Stephen Miller

Biden let 200,000 illegal aliens fly in
Biden Has an Open Border Base

Illegal Alien INVASION
Sen. Roger Marshall introduced a resolution to designate the flood of illegal border crossings as an invasion.

Democrats to ditch Joe Biden
Nigel Farage says the Democrats are going to ditch Joe Biden as a candidate

Biden admin is pay to play
Rep. Kat Cammack rips the Biden administration's border policies

Biden, Mayorkas Want Open Border
Mongoloid Idiot Mayorkas

Donald Trump mocks Joe Biden's inability to find his way off a stage
Joe Biden and his curious inability to find his way off a stage

President Trump Can Stop Shoplifting
shoplifters will be 'shot'

Evidence against Biden for bribery
first impeachment inquiry hearing on President Biden

Joe Biden is a trainwreck and the Democrats know it
OPERATION: Don't Let Joe Biden Fall

Joe Biden Impeachment inquiry hearing
The evidence just gets worse and worse

This is going to come back and haunt the Biden's
Rep. Nancy Mace

Biden Blew Open the Border
Elon Musk will expose Biden's border chaos

Biden was front and center of family schemes
latest evidence in the GOP's impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

Bizarre Biden
Bizarre appearances expose a president falling apart

Republicans Demand Border Security
Wall to Wall Illegal Aliens

Joe Biden Responsible for Illegal Alien Invasion
Deporting Illegal Aliens

Bank records don't lie, but President Joe Biden does
Joe Biden's abuse of public office for his family's financial gain threatens our national security.

Biden: Nursing Home Candidate
Biden nearly stumbles exiting Air Force One

Biden's Pickanny Tries to Explain Away His Failure
Biden administration's dismal polling ahead of 2024.

Biden's Endless Lies
No one is buying Biden's economic package

Joe Biden doesn't want to step aside
Democrats clearly do not want Joe Biden to run for re-election

Democrats are fleeing the Biden ship like rats
Democrats are pulling away from Biden

WH Pickanny Dodges Biden's approval rating, age, mental fitness
concerns over his age and mental fitness.

Nobody Wants Biden
Indicting Republicans has backfired

The machine is turning on Pedo Joe
Bidenís latest crushing poll numbers.

When Will Biden Be Executed?
Biden administration providing illegal migrants work permits

Bumbling Biden
Sad really...

Dems Wanted Illegal Aliens UNTIL They Got Them
El Paso has faced over 2,000 migrants per day

President Trump predicted this would happen
NYC Wants to Grab Statues

impeachable offenses by both President Biden and AG Merrick Garland

AG Merrick Garland is a LIAR
Marsha Blackburn: This is an invasion

This is the end of our country as we know it
Biden's apparent lawless state on 'The Ingraham Angle.'

Grim Reaper is Biden's Running Mate
Biden's Death Is Imminent

Biden is intentionally screwing over Americans
Biden's latest student loan handout

Reduce Mongoloid Idiot Mayorkas' salary to a dollar
Open border undermines the wealth of Americans: Claudia Tenney

Biden On His Way Out
Donald Trump in 2024

Biden makes mammoth, preposterous lie over border handling
Bidenís handling of the border and what Trump plans to do about it if elected president in 2024.

Biden family has been doing this for years
decision to subpoena James Biden

Merrick Garland is as Dumb as He Looks, and That's DUMB!
John Ratcliffe discusses the Biden impeachment inquiry

Biden is lying
Bidenís open border policies

Elon Musk accuses media of ignoring the border crisis
they were 'instructed not to cover it'

Democrats: 'Bought and paid for'
liberal actor John Cusack criticizing Democrats for selling out working-class Americans.

'Overwhelming' evidence Hunter Biden was involved in policy decisions
'mountains' of evidence against President Biden ahead of next week's impeachment inquiry

Judge Jeanine: This stops by closing the border
thousands of illegal migrants encountered at the border.

Duke Energy has thrown consumers under the proverbial (electric) bus
Duke's exclusive focus on environmental, social, and governance nonsense

Thousands of Illegal Alliens Invading

Biden's Open Border
Senate Republicans Demand Immediate Changes To Biden Border Policies

Money Down the Ukraine Rathole
Rand Paul Issues Issues Stark Warning To Biden, Senate, & House About Ukraine

We've built a case to win in court to subpoena Bidens' personal bank records
Rep. James Comer shreds Biden

We see bumble after bumble from Biden
Rep. Beth Van Duyne

The Decline of a President: How 'Bidenís age is becoming apparent'
serious concerns over his ability to lead the United States.

'No energy and no mental acuity': Joe Biden's competency further questioned
Joe Biden simply has "no energy"

James Comer: We followed the money and it's bad
Rep. James Comer shares what's next for the House Oversight Committee

This still constitutes bribery
$5 Million for You, $5 Million for Me.

Joe Biden WILL be impeached

Joe Biden is 'falling apart before our eyes'
Sky News Australia host James Morrow

Illegal Aliens by the Train Loads
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene lambasts Hunter Biden for his lawsuit against the IRS

Biden impeachment going to uncover greatest corruption scandal in US history
a potential Hunter Biden subpoena

Cannot Save Biden From His Own Mouth
'Someone save him': Joe Biden caught making 'no sense' again

Jesse Watters: Hunter Biden thinks he is untouchable
bribes in Biden family dealings

Biden, Retire!
Biden keeps blaming Trump for this

Joe Biden Needs a Head Transplant
Why Does Biden Look SO DIFFERENT? TWO Bidens?

Joe Biden is a liability
Hunter Biden's lawsuit against the IRS

Give Gun Grabbing Gov Your Guns - One Bullet At a Time
New Mexico officials call for governor's impeachment after firearms restriction

Biden Disastrous Open Border Policies
Biden's southern border.

Evidence is falling out of the woodwork for Biden impeachment
Rep. Michael Waltz details next steps in a Biden impeachment inquiry

Sanctuary Cities, Enjoy Your Illegal Aliens
Taxpayers are paying the price for migrant crisis

Republican torches reporter over Biden scandals
Illegal Alien Killer

Decaying Joe Biden has lost his grip on power
We've come to expect his absent stares, word salads and frequent stumbles.

Joe Biden is NOT OK
The US President's recent appearances have been some of his worst.

President Trump Will Obliterate Pedo Joe
Biden aides 'terrified' at Trump's prospects

Biden Spox FLAILS When Grilled On Prez's EMBARRASSING STRING Of Falsehoods
Biden's false anecdote

Evidence of Biden's wrongdoing is now overwhelming
walls are continuing to close in on President Joe Biden

Who is the Bigger Joke: Joe Biden or His Pickaninny?
'Never an answer'

Biden helped facilitate a public corruption scandal
Rep. Byron Donalds calls out the Biden's lies

Americans misled on Joe Biden's faculties
They are being gas-lit into believing that this man is functioning

Decaying Joe Biden has lost his grip on power
But cracks are starting to appear in Joe Biden's leadership.

This ship is sinking fast and the Biden family knows it
Biden family was 'obviously' selling influence.

Jesse Watters: This is why Democrats don't want Biden to run again
liberals are not backing the president for re-election

Kayleigh McEnany: THIS is the evidence against Joe Biden
Biden Tries To Control Media Coverage His Scandals

Border crisis orchestrated by Biden
Biden called out over border crisis: These small communities are overwhelmed

Incriminating evidence against Joe Biden
Kevin McCarthy launching an impeachment inquiry into Biden

Sen. John Kennedy: Hunter Biden is at best a sleazebag and at worst a thief
Sen. John Kennedy gives his take on the impeachment inquiry into Biden

'Pall of impeachment' hanging over Joe Biden
Joe Biden's impeachment inquiry

McCarthy to greenlight Biden impeachment inquiry
Pedo Joe Must Go

Joe Biden is a Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier
This president is oblivious

Kameltoe Harris More Articulate Than Joe Biden!
Time For Joe To Go To Bed For A Long Time

Everything they wanted me to say is fabricated

Imploding Biden
Biden's Point of No Return

Staff Overrides Biden Again
Press conference abruptly ends while President Biden is speaking to reporters

Shocking Illegal Immigration 'Milestone' Under Biden
Sen. James Lankford slammed Biden's record on illegal immigration.

Tucker Carlson MERCILESSLY RIPS into Karine Jean-Pierre
She is UNFIT!

Stop the "Migrant" Con Game; They're ILLEGAL ALIENS!
Weíre not being told the whole story on the migrants

Anybody But Biden
Kellyanne Conway: This is devastating for Biden

Joe Biden drowned out by loud booing
He can't even SPEAK w/o humiliating himself! His cognitive impairment is so bad, though he doesn't even know!

"Rules For THEE...But Not For Me!"
Too Old Joe

Biden and Hunter have been in cahoots this entire time
federal government plans to indict Hunter Biden before the end of the month.

Bills to prevent another bribery scandal
The main beneficiaries from this were American Electric Power Company (AEP), Duke Energy and AES Ohio.

Biden Failure of Leadership
Biden Being Exposed

Obama 'pulling the strings' in the White House
Barack Obama is the one "really pulling the strings" in the White House

CNN turns on Biden
Biden's sinking approval ratings

US on verge 'biggest political scandal' in history
There should be an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden

Biden admin is at war with Americans
Impeach Mongloid Idiot Mayorkas

Mongloid Idiot Mayorkas Would be Overpaid at $1.00
GOP's efforts to reduce Secretary Mayorkasí salary and their ongoing investigation into the Biden family.

Climate Joke, Biden Joke
Who is Biden Working For?

Ted Cruz: This is astonishing hypocrisy
potential indictment against Hunter Biden in Special Counsel David Weiss' investigation.

Hunter Biden facing 10 years behind bars over gun charge
Mongloid Idiot Mayorkas subpoenaed

Biden is doubling down on Hunter's lies
House Oversight Committee's ongoing investigation into the Biden family's suspicious business dealings.

Joe Biden Wants Hunter in Jail for Five Years
Joe Biden: If You Have a Piece of Crack Cocaine, No Bigger Than a Quarter, YOU GO TO JAIL FOR 5 YEARS.

Investigating the Bidens is like tracking a bleeding bear in a snowstorm
Hunter's Number is Up

Too Old? Biden's Too STUPID!
Biden gets 'dazed' and 'confused' at Medal of Honor ceremony

This entire administration is corrupt: Sen. Ernst
latest on the Hunter Biden investigation and economic woes plaguing the Biden presidency.

Biden is incapable of telling the truth
Larry Kudlow breaks down the president's economic policies

Mongloid Idiot Mayorkas subpoenaed over Hunter Biden tax probe tip-off
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's lack of a border visit.

Biden Only a Figurehead
Biden was conveniently helped by COVID and the D.C. Press Corps

Biden Opened His Mouth and Out Rolled the Stupid
Biden's 'unprompted' interaction with reporter raises eyebrows

Democrats in panic mode with Joe Biden declining rapidly
Joe Biden declining rapidly ahead of the next presidential election.

Biden should be going to prison
slew of scandals the president and his family face.

That's Nothing, Joe Biden Almost Had a Frying Pan Fire!
Unclear whether Joe Biden is a serial liar or suffering from confabulation

Lying Quid Pro Joe
They need to be HONEST with Americans about Biden

Joe Biden is Just a Liar

Biden's Border Lies
Former Acting ICE director has bad news about what's next at Biden's border

Smoking gun? Hunter's text to sister is evidence against Joe
Biden's email pseudonyms could hurt him

GOP rep shreds Biden admin over border policies

Biden pseudonym emails were to obscure illicit behavior
existence of thousands of Biden pseudonym emails

Ex-assistant Secretary of State rips Biden
Biden claiming he has not had the time to visit East Palestine

Blocking the Scum
Netanyahu pledges to build new anti-migrant wall

Americans are appalled Biden is representing the US
Bribing Biden

Republicans considering an impeachment inquiry.

This is how we take power away from Biden
GOP's ongoing investigation into Biden family.

Proof Obama was with Men
"We Have Proof Obama was Having Sex With Men, Smoking Crack..."

Catering To Illegal Aliens
This is a 'disaster' belonging to the Democrats

McConnell is not OK
America being run by a 'gerontocracy'

Joe Biden facing impeachment threat
Republicans mull an impeachment inquiry.

Liz MacDonald: This is coming back to haunt Joe Biden
latest bribery allegations against the Biden family.

Evidence is mounting against the Biden crime family
scandal involving emails related to then-VP Joe Biden's various pseudonyms continues.

We are 'long past ready' for an impeachment inquiry, says GOP lawmaker
Joe Must Go

Doctors Always Cover For Brain Dead Politicians
Tortoise Man McConnell

WH Pickaninny Tells Big Biden Lie
"OMG. This one wins the Gaslight Award of 2023"

Biden CAUGHT In '$50 Million BRIBE SCHEME' Leaked From Congress
Biden Selling Out America

Biden Running Out of Rope
James Comer reveals if House will launch 'impeachment inquiry' into Biden

Tortoise Man McConnell Was Not Much On His Best Day!
McConnell Just Had ANOTHER Stroke LIVE on TV! Looks REALLY Bad

How Merrick Garland could turn into Biden's fall guy
John Ratcliffe discusses the bribery allegations against then-Vice President Biden

Even WaPo has admitted Biden's lies
Jonathan Turley weighs in on President Biden's pseudonym email revelations

Gold Star dad calls out Biden as disgrace to this nation
Biden has more American blood on his hands than any president in U.S. history.

Biden impeachment inquiry next month
House GOP leaders wanting to move forward with an impeachment inquiry.

Trump Rules
Donald Trump's mugshot will be Joe Biden's downfall

Joe Biden Extorted Burisma
Joe Biden Was the Ring Leader

Biden's impeachment seems 'increasingly inevitable'
Joe Biden's involvement in his son Hunter's business dealings

Biden's Years of Corruption
IT'S INSANE: This is years of cover-up, says GOP lawmaker

Republicans are absolutely ready for Biden impeachment
latest breakthrough in the GOP's investigation into the Biden family's business dealings.

Biden family 'corruption' is carried out in 'plain sight'
Rep. Claudia Tenney on why she supports impeaching President Biden

Mark Levin EXPLODES on Trump's Georgia indictment
'This is 100 pages of 'BULL****'

Hunter Biden's attorneys lied to the court
Judge Jeanine

Pieces of the Biden puzzle starting to fit together perfectly
President Biden is compromised beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Dems Don't Want Pedo Joe OR Kamaltoe
What are Democrats going to do with Biden?

Impeaching Pedo Joe
GOP finds more revealing evidence on Biden every week

Mulatto Kameltoe Harris is a Disaster, But Pedo Joe Has to Go
We'll Deal With Her Later

Fired Ukrainian prosecutor alleges the Bidens took bribes
There are smoking guns everywhere

Sen. John Kennedy: 'Huntergate is about privilege and sleaze'
"Working Out? The Guy Can't Even Pull His Beach Chair."

Joe Biden attracts the boos of an ungrateful nation
"Despite Trump's mugshot"

The Decline of a President: How Biden's age is becoming apparent'
Joe Biden is ailing on the world stage, prompting serious concerns over his ability to lead the United States.

Viktor Shokin makes explosive bribery claims against Joe and Hunter Biden
Biden's Bribery

Biden is NOT CAPABLE of being president: Judge Jeanine
mainstream media turning on Biden

Joe was literally Hunter's co-pilot in business deals
Hunter Biden allegedly used Air Force 2 to fly to several countries for business dealings

Biden needs to be impeached and removed ASAP
Rep. Claudia Tenney

Kellyanne Conway: Biden's on a never-ending Take Your Child To Work Day charade
A Failed Presidency

This is a classic quid pro quo
Gregg Jarrett

Hunter Biden's business career is corrupt, and Joe Biden is fine with that
Hunter Biden ran a corrupt influence-peddling lobbying racket

Who is running the White House?: It is clearly not Joe Biden
Biden appears to be 'totally checked out'.

Joe Biden is a DUMPSTER FIRE!
Kari Lake is not convinced Joe Biden will secure the Democrat nomination

Biden is stonewalling
ongoing investigation into the Biden family's business dealings.

Bidenís business schemes definitely top $50M
Most corrupt US president in history

Biden family was 'asleep during money laundering class'
Pedo Joe

Forget Maui, Joe Biden Had a Kitchen Fire!
"Almost lost my Corvett"

Don't Hammer GOP Candidates, Hammer Biden's UGLY Head
Joe Biden: An UGLY Face Streached Over a THICK Skull

Joe Biden is a CROOK
Newt Gingrich

Exposing the seedy underbelly of Joe and Hunter Biden
Their public life has been marred by a salacious mix of sex, drugs and corruption.

Biden's Maui trip ripped as lie-filled debacle
Biden's awkward, tone deaf visit to fire-ravaged Maui.

"Kick The Sh*t Out of Him" - Senator Angry With Biden Touching His Wife
Joe Biden's creepy pattern of touch behavior.

Everyone is disappointed in Biden
Will Cain criticizes the federal response to the Maui fires compared to support for Ukraine

Biden Crime Clan
The truth is coming out about the Bidens

Ashley Biden Confirms Joe Biden Showered With Her
Pedo Joe

Jesse Watters: Taxpayers funded Hunter Biden's business travel
proof that Joe Biden knew about son Hunter's business dealings.

Lying, Plagiarizing, Pedophile Joe Biden
Biden called out after getting caught in another tall tale

Joe Biden's bizarre gaffes expose disturbing cognitive decline
The stress of Hunter Biden's legal woes seems to be taking a toll on his elderly father Joe Biden.

Steve Scalise: Why did Joe Biden use fake names?
Hunter Biden probe

Larry Kudlow: I saw a great American leader in Trump
President Trump

Joe Biden Has the Mind of a 3-Year Old
Ice Cream - Ice Cream - Ice Cream

Biden Going Down
Joe is Hunter's Puppet

Biden Extortion, Bribery
Hunter and Joe Involved

Democrats are 'desperate' to replace Biden as their 2024 candidate

Biden 'doesn't care about the country, he cares about himself'
some Democrats calling for the president to step aside.

Biden has been a disaster
Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., shreds the president's economic agenda

If this isn't a smoking gun, it's a bloody knife: Ratcliffe on Biden probe bombshell
James Comer demands the National Archives to release then-V.P. Biden's emails

Tucker Catching On To Pedo Peter Biden
Joe Biden's pseudonym name is Robert L Peters for his money laundering deals

WEB OF LIES: Biden is definitely trying to hide something
GOP's ongoing investigation into the Biden family's business dealings.

Rats Begin Fleeing Biden's Sinking Ship
Top White House Lawyer Steps Down as House Republicans Ramp Up Investigation Into Biden Crime Family

Will the Real Pedo Peter Stand Up?
List Of Pseudonyms Joe Biden Used As VP

Creepy Joe Biden Plies Children with Ice Cream
Daddy Owes You, So Talk to Me Afterwards

Newt Gingrich Issues Stark Warning on Trump Georgia Indictment
Gingrich also called on House Republicans to cut off funding for the Justice Departmentís prosecution of Trump

I've Talked to CIA and Mob Hitmen Who Were Assigned to JFK Assassination
The JFK Assassinations Law required that all documents be released by 2017. Yet they refused.

Media suddenly forced to cover Hunter Biden scandal
If Biden is going to get pushed out, now's the time.

Shut Your Mouth Now, Joe, Everyone Has Seen Your False Teeth
"I have seen his fake teeth"

Sen. Kennedy: All we get from DC are Trump indictments and Hunter Biden 'sleaze'
Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy

Ted Cruz: Every reporter should be asking Biden this question
calls for impeachment inquiries against members of the Biden administration.

Two Lesbos Whine: Hillary & Rachel Maddow
Hillary Clinton and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow were hammered on social media

Joe Biden Involved in Hunter's Deals
Tom Fitton

Biden admitted he's been lying: Charlie Hurt
Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt

Ted Cruz Says Joe Biden Should 'Share Cell' With Hunter in Prison
Hunter Biden sold official favors from his father Joe Biden

The fix is in to protect the Biden's
Hunter Biden probe.

BIDEN PROBE: There's so much overwhelming evidence of corruption
the 'uncontainable' probe into the Biden family.

Biggest Drag on Biden's Reelection is JOE BIDEN
Biden has a problem.

Harvard law professor urges a special counsel be opened on Joe Biden
Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz

Lying Joe Biden Goes Down In Flames
GOP releases new bank records in Biden probe: 'Pretty clear' he lied

Joe Biden SHOULD lose the presidency because of Afghanistan Retreat
"Biden's polls sunk after the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan"

Never Telegraph Your Moves
"75-Year-Old Utah Man Who Posted Biden Threats Killed During FBI Raid"

Larry Kudlow: Biden is in a heap of trouble
"Larry Kudlow shreds the Democrats' two-tiered justice system"

Biden's lies calls for Republicans to 'flip the script,'
"it's time for a Biden impeachment inquiry"

GOP rep. files articles of impeachment over Biden fraud
"Rep. Greg Steubeís decision to file articles of impeachment against President Biden."

Democrats are 'turning a blind eye' to what is occurring
"Biden family probe"

Florida Republican introduces impeachment articles against Joe Biden
"It's long past time to impeach Joe Biden"

Busted: Clarence Thomas ethics scandal gets worse
"the generosity that has regularly afforded Thomas a lifestyle far beyond what his income could provide."

Hannity: The scandal is heating up in a big way
"Hannity discusses the state of the investigation into Hunter Biden's business dealings"

Hunter Biden special counsel is a 'sham': Gregg Jarrett
"Gregg Jarrett tears into Attorney General Merrick Garland"

Joe Biden Protection Program
"Hannity: This is their new strategy to shield the 'Big Guy'"

Why is Biden eating his words? Because He is a Lying SOB
"Biden saying he misnamed the Inflation Reduction Act"

Democrats are going to throw Hunter under the bus
"Biden family business probe."

Newt Gingrich spotlights evidence of Bidenís criminal bribery
"GOP's ongoing impeachment inquiry"

Republicans building impeachment case against Biden
"I personally voted to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden"

Biden family's business dealings is good old fashioned influence peddling
"GOP's push to impeach President Biden"

James Comer: We've built a case to win in court to subpoena Bidens' personal bank records
"Bidens' questionable family business deals"

Joe Biden Caught In Lie After Lie
"We are going to subpoena the Biden's"

Joe Biden is Herpes
"You don't want him, but he will not go away"

Arizona rancher says border conditions 'deliberate' and 'getting worse' under Biden
"'He's an idiot, and he is ruining America,' Ladd said Wednesday."

Queer Beer Boycotts
"boycotts against the company show no signs of slowing down."

The president and this administration can go STRAIGHT TO HELL!
"Rep. Chip Roy went scorched earth on the Biden administration"

Endless Queer Beer Fallout
"Billy Busch says his ancestors would be 'rolling over' in their graves"

Ditch Mitch the Bitch
"Mitch McConnell HUMILIATED & DISGRACED by Angry Crowd"

Give Freeloaders Something Free And See What Happens
"State of Emergency Declared in Sanctuary State Massachusetts Due to Surge in Illegal Aliens"

Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered
"TENS OF THOUSANDS of Fake Registrations"

Joe Biden Got Marines Killed For a Photo Op
"Barnett blamed Biden's desire to meet his September 11 deadline for the hasty withdrawal that took her son's life."

Hunter Biden's job was to sell 'access' to President Biden
"Rep. Byron Donalds weighs in on Devon Archer's testimony"

Biden's been caught in a BIG lie
"Biden's connection to Hunter's business dealings"

There is an iron-clad case against Biden and his family
"Sen. Tommy Tuberville reacts to former President Donald Trump's campaign"

Be a Grown Ass Man - Admit to Your Mistakes - Resign Immediately
"Father of Fallen Soldier BLASTS Joe Biden Over Botched Afghanistan Retreat"

This arrogance is brutalizing states like Texas
"Arizona, rep. warns"

Things look like Animal House with Democrats in charge
"oil prices surging to four-month highs."

Malik Obama Tweets Brother Barack Obama Must Be Gay
"Malik Obama said his brother Barack Obama is 'definitely gay'"

Space Force Has Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud
"Trump Knew if He Presented Any of the Goods Early On, We'd Have a CIVIL WAR"

Hey, Hey, Hey: More Sex Charges Against Bill Cosby
"nine women also filed in Nevada."

Pelosi: A Wicked Witch Whose Husband's Journey from Hell Starts and Finishes with Her
"President Donald Trump unloaded on former Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi"

Mitch McConnell gets heckled by crowd during his speech for 5 MINUTES STRAIGHT

GLOVES ARE OFF: Biden Family Crimes
"Hey, Joe, how come your Justice Department goes after Trump endlessly, yet they cover for your family?"

They Have Something on Mitch McConnell
"I'm telling you Lindsey, they have something on Mitch McConnell."

Someone Should Be Purged From White House: JOE BIDEN!
"Biden Purges 442 Reporters From White House"

You can understand why the Biden campaign is 'very odd'
"The More Joe Biden is on Vacation, the Better off the Country Is"

Jesse Watters: This is why Trump is a threat to the left
"changed the political landscape"

Hunter is NOT the Smartest Man This Stripper Knows
"He was like a dog that I dragged and led on. I just led him on and played with him like a walking ATM."

Endless George THE LIP Floyd Worship
"Under Da Knee, Under Da Knee."

Jim Jordan: Evidence is 'piling up' for a Biden impeachment inquiry
"Biden Cannot Stop Lying"

Joe Biden Tries to Lie Out of Everything
"Biden admin is lying, compromised top to bottom: Tennessee rep."

Hunter Biden's job was to sell 'access' to President Biden
"Grounds For Impeachment"

Obama FREQUENTLY Fantasized about Gay Sex
"Barack writes to Alex about how he repeatedly fantasizes about making love to men."

Biden family corruption is now 'beyond preponderance of evidence': Rep. Fallon
"House Oversight Committee's probe into the alleged Biden business dealings."

Whistleblowers expose Biden crime family
"Two whistleblowers have put their careers on the line to expose the involvement of the IRS and Department of Justice to save Hunter"

Go Woke Go Broke: The fall of mighty brands to the woke agenda

Pfizer Employees Were Given Special Batch of Vaccine, Different from What was Distributed to Public
"They're hiding behind their indemnity contract with our government and dodging responsibility."

Hunter Biden's demise sends CNN into total meltdown
"The drug crazed, alcoholic, sex addicted son of US President Joe Biden has always been a protected species"

'We are losing this country,' Maria Bartiromo tells GOP rep.
"Biden Name Was Up For Sale"

Biden Impeachment
"Biden's impeachment plan quickly coming along: GOP rep."

WAYNE ROOT: Donald Trump is the Chosen One.
"I don't mean to say, 'I told you so.' But I told you so."

"Biden" is a Four Letter Word
"It looks like they arrested the wrong guy," ex-NYPD inspector warns

Trump Would Get My Vote Before Biden - Joe Rogan
"No one is going to run against Trump on the Republican side and win"

Joe Biden had Shokin fired because he was investigating Hunter.
"Shokin accused Joe Biden of being involved in the poisoning."

The Price of Being Queer Beer
"Bud Light executives used spastic and obnoxious trans activist Dylan Mulvaney as their spokesmodel."

Biden won't survive this scrutiny
"Selling Access"

Joe Biden Pressured Merrick Garland to Indict President Trump
"His Main Political Rival Who Is Beating Him in the Polls"

We Know He's Not a Solid Candidate! It's Hard to Watch!
"CNN Panel on Joe Biden"

Joe Biden Has Never Met a Bribe He Didn't Like
"Kari Lake weighed in on the latest media lies."

Law Professor Jonathan Turley Dismantles the Trump Indictment
"The American People Aren't Buying It"

Queer Beer Fiasco
"To lose 25 percent market share has never been achieved, and it's impossible to even dream it."

Blacks for Trump Blast Corrupt Jack Smith, Biden, and Obama
"Accuses Trio of Treason - Calls Jack Smith a Punk and Ugly Sellout"

Jan 6 Cover-Up - They Were Hiding Intelligence
"Tucker's Hidden FOX News Interview"

Biden KNEW Hunter's Business Partners Were in the Room
"This directly links Joe Biden to the Biden Family Business of influence peddling"

Joe Biden Also Looks Like a Corpse Everywhere Else
"Joe Biden Looks Like a Corpse at the Beach"

Trump is currently leading Old Joe Biden in the polls.
"Joe Biden on 20 calls when his son was sitting with foreign officials arranging influence peddling"

Republican responds to how party will deal with this Ďassaultí
"federal investigations into the Biden family"

Biden got his head kicked in completely.
"What Archer did is prove that for ten years, Biden has been lying completely."

Joe Biden Comitted Crimes; Quick Indite President Trump
"They do this every time something bad happens."

This is shaping up to be one of the greatest corruption scandals in the history of Washington
"and that is saying a lot."

Speaker McCarthy talking about impeachment
"It's like a snowball rolling down hill."

Joe Biden Met with Moscow Mayorís Wife She Then Wired $3.5 Million to Hunter
"Joe Biden Kept Her Off Sanctions List"

Not GOP's Fault Hunter Biden is a Scumbag
"It's not Republicans, with all due respect who made Hunter Biden into a complete scumbag"

Roseanne Barr Calls Out Soy Induced Frail Boy David Hogg
"Hogg isn't winning any fans here."

Biden Busted
"Biden Exposed"

CNN has meltdown as Hunter Biden's plea deal unravels
"James Morrow says CNN had an absolute meltdown"

Time For "The Big Guy" to Fry
"Biden is 'The Big Guy'"

Biden a witness away from being in middle of Hunterís corrupt biz dealings
"UFO whistleblowers' testimonies."

It's difficult for Biden to continue to stonewall: Miranda Devine
"Devon Archer is allegedly hiding ahead of congressional testimony"

Ted Cruz: This was an 'extraordinarily' bad week for Biden
"Biden and Hunter Biden's business dealings"

Rudy Giuliani: I guarantee you there is an overwhelming racketeering case against the Bidens.
"Joe Biden Began as a Trailer Trash Grifter...Been Lying All His Life"

Hunter Biden's Attorneys Cannot Stop Lying
"they lied about their identity to have the testimony of IRS whistleblowers removed"

Biden Crime Family Are Hiding Money in OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNTS
"whistleblowers have proof the Bidens have offshore bank accounts."

Biden Judge Smelled a Rat
"Hunter Scandal Became a Joe Biden Scandal"

August will be the most critical month in the Biden presidency
"Hunter Biden's plea deal couldn't survive courthouse scrutiny"

I Hope the Extra-Terrestrials Never Meet this Diaper-Wearing, Child-Sniffing Lunatic
"Kari Lake Roasts Joe Biden"

Bidens Not Used to Not Getting What They Want
"Hunter Biden's Legal Team Furious That Judge Rejected Sweetheart Plea Deal"

Biden Ignored Warnings About Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan
"Joe Biden's poll numbers tanked at that moment and have never recovered."

It Is So Much Worse Than People Understand
"Attorney Mike Davis on What MUST HAPPEN Following Hunter Biden Courtroom Fiasco"

Hunter Biden case is going to explode
"Leo Terrell praises Judge Maryellen Noreika for shutting down Hunter Biden's 'sham' plea deal"

Impeach Mongoloid Idiot Mayorkas
"Mayorkas eviscerated in congressional hearing"

Biden plea deal would have given president's son immunity for host of crimes
"Biden is still under federal investigation"

Prediction on how the Biden family scandal will play out
"Hunter Biden's plea deal falling apart in court"

Collapse of Hunter Biden's plea deal
"Reps. James Comer, Jim Jordan and Jason Smith react"

Mongoloid Idiot Mayorkas is so Slow-witted He Cannot Even Talk
"A Tractor is Needed to Pull the Words Out of His Mouth"

Newt Gingrich reveals the 'huge challenge' to convicting Biden
"Hunter Biden investigation."

Joe Biden Demanded Bribes
"Biden bribery investigation"

Hunter Biden's team threatened with sanctions
"Hunter Biden's legal team lied in court."

Is Joe Biden IMPEACHMENT on the table?
"It sure is."

Jesse Watters: Hunter Biden may have jinxed his plea deal
"And, This is the Smartest Man Joe Biden knows?"

Biden running a family crime syndicate
"Miranda Devine"

Larry Kudlow: Biden is headed for deep legal trouble
"allegations against the Biden family are mounting"

Newt Gingrich: The dam is going to break
"Hunter Was the Bag Man"

Important final stage of the Biden family probe
"latest on the investigation into the Biden family's overseas business dealings."

Biden refuses to admit he was Hunter's business partner
"My Dog is Smarter Than Hunter"

Ted Cruz: This is a widespread bribery scheme of the Biden family
"Sen. Ted Cruz shreds Biden family's questionable business deals"

FBI filed key Biden doc away from '99.9% of agents'
"Zeroing In On Biden Corruption"

Comer says he expects Hunter Biden to face between 6 to 10 criminal referrals
"illegally transporting women across state lines for prostitution"

Explosive Biden Scandal
"Bidens Forcing Bribes"

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Has the Hunter Sex Photos
"Pedo Joe Says Hunter is a Good Boy"

Calls to impeach Biden grow
"Most corrupt family to ever live in the White House! Impeach!" Rep. Jim Banks

Pedo Joe's Beavis and Butthead Pose
"Commentators across Twitter mocked Bidenís awkward exit."

Duke Energy Injects Chemicals Into Groundwater
"This...is an experiment. Are you going to make things worse?"

This is the 'biggest story of corruption we've ever seen in politics'
"Biden's trip to Philadelphia and the IRS whistleblower hearing."

Biden 'absolutely lied' to the American people: Rep. Scott Perry
"Rep. Scott Perry details findings following the IRS whistleblowers' congressional testimony."

The House absolutely should be holding impeachment hearings
"Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., criticizes President Biden"

Evidence proves that the first family is hopelessly corrupt
"IRS whistleblower's testimony about shady Biden family deals."

Whistleblowers blew a hole in DOJ's story

This is proof of real crimes committed by Hunter Biden
"Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., calls out the investigation into Hunter Biden"

Larry Kudlow: Joe Biden is Going to Lose
"This is an absolute bombshell"

"The Smartest Man Joe Biden Knows" Recordes Himself Comitting Crimes
"Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene holds up censored photo of Hunter Biden and prostitute"

Hunter Biden was used by Joe to fund the family's fortune

Is Joe Biden the Biggest SOB On Earth? WITHOUT A DOUBT!
"Government bureaucracies and the Biden administration cannot be trusted"

American people deserve to know the truth
"I have witnessed the corrosion of ethical standards and the abuse of power that threaten our nation."

The Ingraham Angle
"This is what happens when you inject $6T into the market"

Jesse Watters: The Biden admin just blew up evidence
"It's Easy to Beat the Law, If You are Above It"

Trump is getting more likely to get elected
"President Trump Vs Pedo Biden"

Deeply corrupt Biden sold out for foreign money
"Will House investigation into the Biden family will drive Democrats to get a new 2024 candidate"

$100M flowed through Biden family accounts
"I view the Biden family as a 'massive' crime syndicate, says Rep. Andy Biggs"

Send Fauci to GITMO Where He Will Have Plenty of FREE Security
"Parasite Anthony Fauci is privy to a taxpayer-reimbursed security detail."

Larry Kudlow: Nobody can beat Trump for the nomination
"Kudlow reflects on former President Trump's economic agenda"

FBI agent confirms Biden whistleblower's testimony
"political interference by the Biden administration into the investigation of Hunter Biden"

Biden's humiliation on the world stage
"progressing age and frailty are made even more obvious on the world stage."

Rednecks Have Killed Wasps With Gas for Decades
"Only We Just Roast Them"

The Climate Joke
"Scott Perry: We need to defund the climate items"

Biden family whistleblowers
"influence peddling scheme by the Biden family"

1988 The Real Lying Angry Bald Pointy Nose Joe Biden
"It has been proven that Biden did not graduate at the top of his class. He's always been a loser and a liar."

Joe Biden the Hypocrite
"Biden used fowl language to staffers"

Merrick Garland 'Guilty of multiple felonies'
"Sen. Ted Cruz calls for a special counsel to investigate Attorney General Merrick Garland"

Rep. Byron Donalds: These Biden emails are explosive
"Hunter Biden investigation"

Senile Lips Sink Ships
"Biden's bizarre behavior during Europe trip frightens GOP rep."

Biden's 'creepiest moment yet' with young girl
"weirding out Twitter users"

The President of the United States is a Pedophile - "Pedo Peter" aka Joe Biden.
"Why did Ashely Biden write about taking inappropriate showers with her dad?"

Pedo Joe's Bailout
"consequences of Biden's student loan handouts"

Biden's Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card
"Biden family treated differently than anyone else"

Secret Service Lies for Bidens
"EVERYONE Knows Who is Guilty EXCEPT The Secret Service"

Jehovah's Witness suspects charged with child rape, molestation
"Oh, No; a Jehovah's Witness is at the door"

WH Press Pickanny Lies For Biden
"Fox News press pool report contradicts claim Biden family wasn't at White House ahead of cocaine discovery"

John Kennedy: Biden is like a 'hog on ice' when it comes to economics
"Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., shreds President Biden"

Biden's WH Press Pickanny Cannot Make Hunter's Cocaine Go Away
"Jean-Pierre began appearing visibly uncomfortable."

Hunter Biden whistleblower is on the run
"latest twists in the Hunter Biden probe."

Pedo Joe Cannot Laugh Off Being a Total Idiot
"Biden Laughs Off Reporter's Question"

Will WH Cocaine Be Blamed On Slick Willie?
"Hunter Cocaine Biden"

Some Are Figuring Out Joe Biden Is a Baldfaced Liar
"awarded Biden a 'Bottomless Pinocchio' "

EVERYONE Knows Who Had the Cocaine - Crackhead Hunter
"Deny, Deny, Deny"

Larry Kudlow: Biden is incapable of telling the truth
"Larry Kudlow shreds the economy under President Biden"

Press Pickanny Mum On Crackhead Hunter's Cocaine Stash
"I just don't have anything more to share."

Biden will not be on the 2024 ballot
"60% Disapproval"

Biden's Pickanny Evades Questions
"White House press secretary answers 2% of Biden scandals questions"

Bidenomics is a disaster and so is Joe Biden
"Falling wages, high inflation and higher gas prices show Bidenomics is a disaster"

Biden is undermining the Constitution
"Charlie Hurt"

Judge Jeanine: This ruling against Biden is huge
"blocking White House officials from contacting social media"

Judge praised for 'stunning' July 4 rebuke of Biden admin