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News Links - Page 15

"Can't we just all go out and say things are OK?" – G. W. Bush during economic bailout negotiations AP
“Cash balance plans are not age-neutral." – Federal District Judge Shira A. Scheindlin

Dick Cheney, Patron Saint of Torture-Free - "Hitler gave anti-Semitism a bad name"

Ex-CIA Official: Agency Brass Lied to Congress About Interrogations - "My experience is that they did not tell us they were using that"

CIA Gave Me False Information - "he too was kept in the dark about the use of waterboarding"

Carlyle Group Admits Role in "Pay to Play" Scandal - "allows people to buy access to those holding the pension fund purse-strings"

Why the Caged Bird Sang - "There will be no punishment, no justice, for acts of barbarous torture"

Card Check and Gut Check - "Heads, management wins. Tails, the employees lose"

Climate Bill Hit by $45 Million PR Campaign - "America's oil, gas and coal industry has increased its lobbying budget by 50%"

Former FBI Agent Testifies on Torture - "there were people in the chain of command above them who set them up for failure"

Democrats Give Wall Street a Kiss - "The banks are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill…They frankly own the place"

The Good Times Aren't Coming Back - "Most people (not all) are subject to a system of command and control over their destinies"

Joe the Plumber Is Quitting the GOP - "That's big news considering Joe became the new GOP mascot during the McCain campaign"

Bush EPA Hid Data on Coal-Ash Risks - "coal ash ponds must be phased out - and cleaned out - within five year"

Secret Strategy on Health Care—Exposed! - "corporations...have paid Luntz tens of millions of dollars to craft their messages"

U.S. Interrogators May Have Killed Dozens of Detainees - "98 detainees have died while in U.S. hands"

Is a Cheney Cover-Up Scandal Brewing? - "White House attempted to collect and destroy all copies of my memo"

Wall Street Journal Editors Have No Memory of the Last 8 Years - "Here's a question to ponder"

Stanford Alumni, Students Call for War Crimes Probe - "the university should not have war criminals on its faculty"

Corruption Is Dangerous to Your Health - "The utilities are carving out exceptions for coal plants"

"Damning" Conclusions for Bybee and Yoo - " 'misconduct' in the advice attorneys John Yoo and Jay Bybee provided the Bush administration"

Harkin May Drop "Card-Check" - "Some Democrats...have said they would oppose Harkin's bill"

Obama to Crack Down on Business Tax Havens - "multinational corporations enjoyed an effective tax rate of 2.3 per cent"

The New Homeless - "Charlotte has been focused on its growth and its success"

62 Arrested at White House Protest - "the rule of law can be restored only if the law is enforced"

1934 General Strike - " The strike established the right of working people to have a voice in the workplace"

Boss Sequestration in France - "There is a reason the French enjoy the best health system in the world"

Safety Problems at Nuclear Complex - "Replacing 14 tons of substandard rebar...delayed the completion of the $4.8 billion MOX facility"

Torture Memos Expose Dark, Imperial Presidency - " This was not a happy week for the torture lobby"

Spain's U.S. Torture Criminal Investigation - "The Obama administration should not need pressure from abroad to uphold our own laws"

We Want the Truth About the Bush Administration - "History demands it"

Trial for Murder of 14-Year Old Iraqi Girl - "Green was arrested in North Carolina in June 2006"

How "The NAFTA Flu" Exploded - "In North Carolina alone they have spilled, in a span of four years, 2 million gallons"

'60 Minutes' Blows it on Coal Segment - "Just ask anyone in Appalachia who lives near a mountaintop removal mining site"

Waterboarding the Rule of Law - "Asked what he thought of Western civilization…Gandhi…replied, ‘I think it would be a good idea’ "

Torture and Lies - "bare-faced lying and the practice of extreme tortures were two facets of one and the same policy"

The Truth About Bush's Torture - "Obama’s optimism about closure on the torture issue may therefore be seriously misplaced"

Fire Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis - "We need to fire him for...standing in the way of Employee Free Choice"

G. W. Bush Thinks Torture Should Be Investigated - "It's important for people to understand that in a democracy, there will be a full investigation"

Union Activist Appointed to Labor Department - "Maxwell's new post would bolster union efforts to pass the labor reform legislation"

DOJ Prosecuted Sheriff for Waterboarding - "Federal prosecutors secured a 10-year sentence against the sheriff"

GOP Stripped 'Flu Pandemic Preparedness' From Stimulus - "And playing a critical role was Susan Collins"

Torture Used to Link Saddam With 9/11 - "That link was never established"

Olbermann Calls Hannity's Bluff - "$1,000 to charity for every second that Fox News anchor Sean Hannity undergoes waterboarding torture"

Bush Warned About Torture in 2002 - "JPRA is the military agency that ran the program known as Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape"

A Quarter Million Americans Demand Torture Prosecutions - "The fact that crimes were committed...can no longer be doubted or debated"

Many Objected to Torture - "Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Force and the Criminal Investigation Task Force"

General Taguba Says Bush Officials Committed War Crimes - "The result was a horrific stew of pain, degradation and ... suffering"

The Bailout Fraud - "The whole culture is rotten"

Obama's 'New' Position on Torture Prosecutions - "the decision not to prosecute the torturers was not Obama’s to make"

Non-Existent Iraq-al Qaida Link - "they started with the answer -- the non-existent link between Iraq and al Qaeda -- and worked backwards"

Cable Giants Attempt to Destroy the Internet - "AT&T risks becoming even more hateable than Time Warner"

Jon Stewart Blasts Peggy Noonan - "185 waterboardings and you get free crazy bread"

Obama Open to Probe of Interrogations - "he could support a congressional investigation into the Bush-era terrorist detainee program"

Mr. President, War Crimes Must Be Investigated - "If the investigation goes straight to...Dick Cheney and...George W. Bush, then so be it"

Prosecuting War Crimes - "Nixon was a war criminal. Kissinger is a war criminal"

Susan Boyle Brings Down the House - "Britain's Got Talent"

The Bush Administration's Stunning Geneva Hypocrisy - "international law applied to the other guy, but not to George W. Bush"

Unseat Bush Torture Lawyer Turned Federal Judge - "Why should a suspected war criminal serve as a federal judge?"

Waterboarded 183 Times in One Month - "interrogators...went far beyond even the expansive guidelines for torture"

Rep. Jane Harman Caught on Tape - "Harman hung up after saying, 'This conversation doesn’t exist.' "

National Wealth Handed Over to the Rich - "Our group supports legislation to limit the deductibility of excessive CEO pay"

GOP Trainwreck - "Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures"

US Future Depends on Torture Accountability - "Olbermann: We cannot let mistakes of the past haunt our future"

Bush-Era CIA Torture Memos Released - "The ACLU has called for the Justice Department to appoint an independent prosecutor"

Ex-Bush Official Says Waterboarding Is Torture - "Congress is at least as much to blame as Bush administration officials for prisoner abuse"

Endgame for Phil Gramm? - "Wendy Gramm changed the rules to make Enron's chicanery possible"

Conservative Talking Heads Exposed - "Even with the small boat 'moving up and down a couple of feet,' the SEALs hit their targets"

Failures to Communicate - "George W. Bush Institute of Management Failure"

Is Geithner's Game Up? - "Geithner's lunatic plan has no historic precedent and no prospect of succeeding"

Jon Stewart Slams Lieberman - "Please don’t take away my laser plane…it’s all I have left"

Wall Street Digs In - "the old culture is reasserting itself with a vengeance"

Another $50 Billion for Rust-Bucket Nukes? - "Nuke operators can't get private insurance on a major melt-down"

Jon Stewart Slams Hannity, Bachmann, And Beck - "I think you might be confusing tyranny with losing"

6-Year-Old Iraqi Girl Describes the Killing of Her Father and Brother by the U.S. - "I said, what do you mean you're sorry?"

Too Big to Fail? Take it Over - "Government intervention must...protect the public interest, and not merely rescue executives or wealthy investors"

'Too Big to Fail' Is Too Big - "too big to fail is too big to regulate...too big to regulate means they are too big to tolerate"

Hard Questions on the Israel Lobby - "Rosen is under indictment for having passed secret material on to Israel"

Hands Off Social Security - "We have a government and an elite that never stop looking for ways to take money from ordinary workers"

Card Check Bill Could Resurrect US Unionization Movement - "The U.S. president is firmly behind so-called card check"

Top Bank Watchdog to Call for CEO Heads to Roll - "call for the removal of top executives from Citigroup, AIG and other institutions"

Credit Card Industry Defeated for Now - Video - "Republicans are working to weaken the bills regulations"

CIA Detainee Treatment "Inhuman" - "Medical officers...committed gross violations of medical ethics"

Bush's Tortured Legacy - "Detainee's Harsh Treatment Foiled No Plots"

Spain Investigates What America Should - "Does Spain have the authority to prosecute Americans...? The answer is yes"

The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One - "The Bush Administration essentially got rid of regulation"

Startling Revelations about Three Mile Island Disaster - "What happened at TMI was a whole lot worse than what has been reported"

The Government's Cover Up of Our Most Infamous Nuclear Accident - "People died -- and are still dying -- at Three Mile Island"

Fools on the Hill - "The goal is to phase out Medicare over time"

Stephen Colbert Rips Glenn Beck to Shreds - "The 9-12 project is not for families directly affected by 9/11, just people building their careers on it"

Journalists Made Fun of Tom Hurndall - "I hope that Bush and Blair stand trial for war crimes"

America's Dumbest Criminal - "Sticks Up Cop at Police Convention"

Bush Torture Lawyers Targeted in Criminal Probe - "formal criminal inquiries looking into the Bush team's legacy of torture"

Corporate Drone Factories - "Corporatism is about crushing the capacity for moral choice"

"South Park" Explains the Bailouts - "an incredibly convoluted episode that was almost as bizarre as our current financial state"

Plumbers' Union Rips "Joe the Plumber" - "Stop Carrying Water for Corporate Union-Busters!"

US Steps Up Wage-Law Enforcement - "The Labor Department is hiring 150 more investigators"

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) Defending America Against Poor Folks - "to keep poor folks from participating in the political process"

Hope in the Mountains - "Mountaintop-removal coal mining is the greatest environmental tragedy ever to befall our nation"

The Secret Bush Memos and Treason - "This was the legal groundwork of an attempted coup"

Israeli Soldiers' Shirts Joke About Killing Arabs - "a pregnant woman in a rifle's cross-hairs...'1 Shot 2 Kills' "

French Nuclear Industry - "respiratory illnesses or cancers were never officially diagnosed, because this could harm the company's reputation"

Obama to Release More Bush Torture Memos: Can It Get Even Uglier? - "prepare for the worst"

As Credit Markets Froze, Banks Loaned Millions to Insiders - "Insider favoritism is against the law"

The Battle Over the A.I.G. Bonuses - "The debate over the A.I.G. bonuses is class war in its full naked glory"

CIA Has 3,000 Documents on Torture Tapes - "The Justice Department said the documents include "cables, memoranda, notes and e-mails"

We Need the Employee Free Choice Act - "Corporate greed has gone unchecked recently in part due to the decline of the labor movement"

Wall Street's Crimes Against Humanity - "misguided incentive programs associated with the push for shareholder value"

Intelligence Made It Clear Saddam Was Not a Threat - "There should be a full public inquiry"

Was Eliot Spitzer Taken Out Because He Was Going to Bust AIG? - "Eliot Spitzer is back and he's talking"

Reagan: The Great American Socialist - "Thus began a massive transfer of wealth from the the wealthy"

White People are Terrifying - "You never know when they're going to steal all your money in a ponzi scheme"

3 Decades as a Colonel, 6 Years as a Peace Activist - "I resigned from the Bush opposition to the war on Iraq"

How War Drove Him Crazy - "I dumped 5 tons of sand into my basement to remind me of Afghanistan"

Gaza Killings - "What's great about Gaza - you see a person on a path, he doesn't have to be armed, you can simply shoot him"

Keith Olbermann Gets Tough With Bailed Out Banks - "Make liable the officers of corporations, for their debts, and for their deeds"

Labor Secretary Says Improvement Ahead for Workers - "We are going to enforce our labor laws"

The Risk of a Fascist Backlash - "Never before...has the country inherited such a daunting, intractable set of economic problems"

Hagel on Cheney: 'That's Rediculous' - "I’m a Republican…we got America into two wars, we’ve done great damage to our economy"

Deregulation - "Deregulation benefits the people at the top. They get really, really, really rich doing stuff that might otherwise be illegal"

Rep. Kucinich Seeks Investigation of Cheney "Assassination Ring" - "I request that the Full Committee immediately begin an investigation"

Beware the Madoff Diversion! - "Corporate directors and managers have long defined how people live"

Let the Thing Be Pressed - "a government of large corporations, by large corporations and for large corporations"

Red Cross Described "Torture" at CIA Jails - "Secret report implies that US violated international law"

Clinton Advances Mideast Peace - "Clinton's recent Middle East trip was striking, by any measure"

Cramer Skips Morning Show After Being Eviscerated By Jon Stewart - "Cramer had a brutal face-off with...Jon Stewart"

Fighting Back in America's 30-Year Class War - "America's history is replete with class rebellions against various moneyed elites"

A Real Criminal Investigation of Bush/Cheney - "President Obama and the Congress should now name a Special Prosecutor"

The South Is About Exploiting Workers - "Ever wonder why the South remains the nation’s poorest region...?" CEO Quits After Jim Cramer/Jon Stewart Interview - "Cramer...manipulated value to serve some...investors at the expense of others"

Canadian Lawyers Seek to Prosecute Bush - "Bush has been 'credibly accused' of supporting torture"

Freeman Calls Out Israel Lobby; WaPo Editorial Board Bursts a Blood Vessel - "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

The Israeli Lobby Strikes Again - "Freeman is not the first U.S. official targeted by the Israeli lobby"

Jim Cramer Manipulated Markets - "What's to not be doing anything that is remotely truthful"

'Executive Assassination Ring' Reported Directly to Cheney Office - "Congress has no oversight of it"

'Israel Lobby' Was Behind His Downfall - "The tactics of the Israel Lobby plumb the depths of dishonor and indecency"

Employee Free Choice Act Introduced - "We have enough votes to pass the bill in the Senate"

Give Me a Union - "Gestapo-style, union-busting tactics by employers have kept workers from exercising their right to join a union"

Big Business Lobby at War With Workers - "The biggest battle between corporate power and workers' rights in over 50 years"

$5 Billion in Lobbying for 12 Corrupt Deals - "Sold Out: How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America"

Treasury Official Quits Amidst Fraud Scandal - "regulators actually approached the bank with the suggestion of falsifying deposit dates"

Reviving the Middle Class - "EFCA helps revive the right of workers to organize in this country"

CIA Destroyed Evidence - "The time has come for the CIA to be held accountable for flouting the rule of law"

We're Committed to Middle Class - "Biden received a rousing ovation when he mentioned the Employee Free Choice Act"

Jon Stewart Eviscerates CNBC, Rick Santelli - "I'd have a million dollars, provided I'd started with a hundred million dollars"

Anti-Coal Day on Capitol Hill - The Capitol power plant will be converted to natural gas

Why I'm Not the Democrats' "Rush Limbaugh" - "Our politicians and our media have been bought and paid for by the highest bidders"

Employee Free Choice Act - "Employee Free Choice Act is a bipartisan, common sense economic recovery for working families"

We’re Too Big to Fail - Cartoon

Americans Blame Bush, Not Obama, for Economic Woes - "Obama shouldn’t be blamed for the economy’s problems"

The Bush Bullet - "Bush's assault on America's constitutional Republic may have been more aggressive than many of us imagined"

Illegal Firings During Union Election Campaigns - "it makes perfect sense for employers to break the law"

Obama Picks Net Neutrality Backer as FCC Chief - " Genachowski is likely to continue the...push for more Net neutrality regulations"

The Laugher Curve - "The entire Republican Party...spent the last week bending a knee to Rush Limbaugh"

Reforming Federal Labor Law - "As a senator, President Obama co-sponsored the EFCA"

Political Armageddon - Ending Special Interest Influence in Washington DC

Call For Investigations Into Bush Crimes - "We must learn the truth"

Extraordinary Measures - "secretly gave the green attack apartment buildings and office complexes inside the United States"

GOP Civil War - Senator Threatens to Resign to Hurt Fellow Republicans

Obama Challenges Lobbyists - "gives warning to lobbyists and deep-pocket interests"

CIA Destroyed 92 Interrogation Tapes - "a criminal prosecutor is wrapping up his investigation in the matter"

Americans in Appalachia Living in a State of Terror - "Every day, more than 3 million pounds of explosives are detonated in our state"

The Spectacular Crash of the Global Economy - "the rest of the country in 2006 earned...2 percent less than they did 30 plus years earlier"

Poor Joe the Plumber - "The event was scheduled to last three hours, but ended after 55 minutes, with Joe having sold a total of five books"

Bobby Jindal Revises His Katrina Story - "Lee is now conveniently deceased, so nobody can confirm one way or the other."

Obama Tells Powerful Lobbies: Bring It On - "The system...might work for the powerful...But I don't. I work for the American people"

Dark Secrets of the First Gulf War - "The real war was never reported to the American public"

My Pay Has Been Cut, Pension Terminated - "unless our country starts valuing the experience...of labor, it will lead to less safe conditions"

Senate Confirms Hilda Solis as Labor Secretary - "the first battle over passing the Employee Free Choice Act has been won"

Poll: Majority Of Americans Back Obama - "Americans put far more faith in Obama than in congressional Republicans"

Worse Than My Darkest Nightmare - "Yet the very people who I had hoped would come to my rescue...allied themselves with my abusers"

Drudge's Magical Changing Headline - "Is he going to do this for four years?"

Saturated in Asbestos - "five former executives face up to 15 years in prison and fines of several million dollars"

Why the GOP Really Hates Unions - "One reason we're in the crisis we're in is because consumers have run out of money"

Bush Crimes Investigation - "A whopping 90% of our 9000 respondents want to see Bush and Company pay for their crimes"

We Don’t Have Time for Politics - "Right now, we've got to make sure we're standing up for the American people and putting them back to work"

McDonald's McScrews Hero Employee Out of Needed Money - "he jumped from his post to take down a man who was abusing a woman"

Don't Pick Up the Phone - "They've got homes over a million dollars. And they're getting collection letters"

Human Slavery Is Thriving in the Shadows - "Nearly four in five victims are women and girls"

Wall Street Sharks Have Lost Everything, and Now They're Coming After Us - "big cuts in programs for the elderly"

Poor Bush - "Websites Mocking W. Rank Higher Than His Own Presidential Library Site"

Jobless Hit With Bank Fees on Benefits - "People have limited funds and they don't need to be giving money to the banks"

Corporate America, Ground Your Jets - "taxpayers and commercial travelers, subsidize private jet travel"

Coal Ash: The Hidden Story - "Exposure to its toxins can lead to cancer, birth defects, gastro-intestinal illnesses, and reproductive problems"

Obama Beats Down Another Big Bush Lie - "The president prefers to tell the truth, rather than make the numbers look better by pretending"

I Was Illegally Detained by the U.S. Government - "held in CIA-run 'black sites' with no contact with the outside world"

Iraqi Defends Shoe-Throwing Incident - "I was feeling the blood of innocent people flow under my feet as he was smiling"

Canadians Raise American Flags for Obama - "Bush’s unpopularity endures well past the end of his tumultuous presidency"

Prosecute War Criminals and Their Lawyers - "Cheney recently admitted to authorizing waterboarding"

Stop the Campaign to Loot Social Security - "Wall Street interests are leading a new round of threats to Social Security"

Grayson Digs His Claws into Citigroup CEO - "a deal that could end up costing the taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars"

Bush in the Top 10 of America's Worst Presidents - "A look at how historians judged Bush"

Protect Social Security and Medicare - "The point was always to gut Social Security and Medicare"

Power of Populism - "I have some people in my constituency that actually robbed some of your banks and they say the same thing"

RNC Chairperson Says Don't Trust Republicans - "You have absolutely no reason, none, to trust our word or our actions"

Embarrassingly Unpatriotic - "such talk under Bush's presidency would force someone from the airwaves"

Guantanamo Guard Tells All - "The stuff I did and the stuff I saw was just wrong"

What's So Bad About a Banker Brain Drain? - "we call your bluff. Make our day"

Torture Report - "An internal Justice Department causing anxiety among former Bush administration officials"

Scientists Celebrate Dawn of Barack Obama's Age of Reason - "The past eight years have been a dark period"

Rumsfeld Knew of Deaths by Torture - "each day, formerly secret Bush-era documents surface that truly shock the conscience"

5 Myths About Coal - "The more coal we mine, the poorer we get"

Prisoners Tortured to Death - "The more we learn, the uglier it gets"

Untrue, Stimulus Attack Ads - "90% of all GOP lawmakers...endorsed a 'stimulus' measure that would have added $3.1 trillion to the debt"

Wasted Efforts at Bipartisanship - "a sincere -- but unwise -- attempt to ingratiate himself with uncompromising conservatives"

New Plan to Loot Social Security - "The real not Social Security but the colossal failure of the private pension system"

Investigate Bush's Crimes - "Close to two-thirds...said there should be investigations into allegations that the Bush team used torture"

Private Death Laboratory - "it remains to be seen how Israel has acquired the technology"

Dump the GOP - "Obama needs to withdraw his hand and just wave these people off"

Questioning Authority - "human beings' slavish compliance in the face of authority"

Maddow Slams Republicans for Unpatriotic Actions - "A whopping proportion of the Republican rhetoric about stimulus is wrong"

President Obama Wants You to Join the Union - "I do not view the labor movement as part of the problem, to me it's part of the solution"

Health Savings Accounts Are Ill-Advised - "You wouldn't say that part of an air bag is better than none. You need complete protection"

The Salary for Failure - "the myth of the all-powerful CEO is over"

Cheney Terrified More People Than Any Terrorist! - "Mr. Cheney, you are a liar"

Dick Cheney Lives Up to His Name - Jon Stewart

Agenda for a New Economy - "Wall Street interests have also rigged the economic game to give a competitive advantage to mega-corporations"

Public Revolt Against Rip-off Rescues - "with sledgehammers and an electric saw, they broke in and staged a twelve-day sit-in of Parliament"

Military Responses to Terror Attacks Are Always Doomed to Fail - "Ken Robinson is a former U.S. Ranger and Special Forces officer"

Rewarding Greed, Incompetence and Narcissism - "Wall Street investment bankers awarded themselves a total of $18.4 billion in bonuses"

Goodbye Bush, Hello Obama - "protesters picketed Bank of America branches around the country as well as...Charlotte, North Carolina"

CEO Greed Gone Wild - "Your Bailout Money at Work!"

Bernie Sanders on Executive Pay Caps - On The Rachel Maddow Show

Senators Hit CEOs Where it Hurts - "The...legislation...would cap executive pay in bailed-out firms at no more than $400,000"

Joe the Plumber to Advise Republicans - "GOP is turning to an unlicensed plumber/campaign prop to discuss legislative strategy on economic policy"

The Whole World Is Rioting - "you can't do this to people year after year...take away what they thought they had earned"

Civilians Forced Into Battle Zones - "Israeli forces kept him trapped in the middle of the firefight and used him as cover"

Fed Lends 2 Trillion - "One possibility...why people want to do things in secret is because they are doing something wrong"

What A Difference Ten Days Make - "the biggest and boldest progressive legislation in 40 years"

Obama Signs First Piece of Legislation, Granting Fair Pay - "Lilly Ledbetter Act makes it easier for workers to sue for pay discrimination"

Union Membership Up - "Union membership increased significantly in 2008"

The Final Glimpse of a Total Failure - "A final iconic image of Bush"

High Court Affirms Shield From Employer Retaliation - "the high court cast a broad blanket of protection over American workers"

Call to Oust Bank of America CEO - "CEOs fear Employee Free Choice to the point that they will do whatever it takes to block its passage"

Obama Fights Corporate Greed - "The high-flying execs at Citigroup caved under pressure from President Obama"

Bestseller Shakes the Foundation of the Israeli State - "a book by Tel Aviv University scholar Shlomo Zand"

Why Do We Act Like Sheep? - "it's possible to fool a guinea pig once or twice in a row, it becomes more difficult to do it hundreds of times"

The Union Way Up - "We tried to penalize employers that broke the law, but the fines are minuscule"

Republicans Resort to Extortion - "They'll confirm Holder if he promises not to prosecute any Bush Administration officials"

Right Over Wrong - "The only way we can repair all the damage they did is to confront those who led us astray"

The World Is Watching - "Bush's Torturers Have Serious Jeopardy"

Road to Ruin - "Twenty-Five People at the Heart of the Meltdown"

Hate. Remorse. Forgiveness - "I was once the meanest man that ever was in Rock Hill"

NSA Whistleblower on Wiretaps of Citizens - "They sucked in everybody"

The 'Blood-Stained Monster' - "In the end, this war is a crime against ourselves too, a crime against the State of Israel"

Senate Passes Wage Discrimination Bill - "This bill is about effectively eliminating the statute of limitations on pay discrimination"

Obama Frees Bush Historical Records - "Self-serving myths could become a substitute for accurate history"

'New Weapon' in Gaza? - "DIME device expels a blade of charged tungsten dust that burns and destroys everything within a four-meter radius"

GOP Sliding Into Bed With Lobbyists - "Lobbyists 'willing to pay a $25,000 fee will mingle with House Republicans at their annual winter retreat' "

'Dr. Evil' vs. Unions - "Richard Berman has become wealthy by deceiving the public through scare tactics"

Obama Signs Order to Close Guantanamo - "President Barack Obama began overhauling U.S. treatment of terror suspects"

Shake Up Society at the Roots - "Now more than ever we need to build grassroots multi-racial organizations that fight against oppression"

A Parable for Our Times - "Is there a parable for our times in this odd milkshake of banana, blood and fungus?"

Employee Free Choice - "The Employee Free Choice Act would simply put the choice about organizing method back in the hands of workers"

Jon Stewart on the Inauguration - "Jon Stewart pokes fun at poems and Dick Cheney"

Palestinians Stunned by First Presidential Phone Call - "The world is fed up with Bush"

Go After Bush on Torture - "But Mr. President-Elect: You have a confession"

Shoes Thrown at White House - "I don't hate him personally. I hate what he has done to this country"

Colin Powell Praises Obama, Burns Bush - "The America we remember is back again"

Obama's Inauguration - "The entire throng of people -- millions -- booed when George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were announced"

Phosphorus Shells in Gaza - "Amnesty on Monday warned that Israel could be guilty of war crimes"

Editorials Worldwide Pillory Bush One Final Time - "Bush led the world's most powerful nation to ruin. He lied to the world"

The Truth Behind Inauguration Costs - "The evidence suggests Bush's and Obama's will end up costing about the same"

Hold Bush Accountable for the Laws He Broke - "Obama cannot follow the same lawless path"

Jon Stewart Tears into Bush - "So funny. So sad. So true"

Forgive and Forget the Crimes of the Bushies? - "I Don't Think So"

The 8 Bush Years in 8 Minutes - "Appointed 98 lobbyist to oversee their own industries"

This Miracle Brought to You By America's Unions - "They're detailing the heroism of all involved"

Bush's Farewell Address - "Still Delusional After All These Years"

What Obama Must Do - "It's probably best if Congress takes the lead in investigations of the Bush years"

Labor Win - "Bank of America and other lenders to Republic agreed to pay the workers the approximately $2 million owed"

US Suspends Munitions Delivery to Israel - "The last thing that is needed now is more weapons and munitions in the region"

Eric Holder Says 'Waterboarding Is Torture' - "We prosecuted our own soldiers for using it in Vietnam"

Dick Cheney, Master of Lying - "Not a single word of the interview had any basis in reality"

Bush Tarnishes Medal of Freedom - "Bush keeps outdoing himself on his way out the door"

The Most Ridiculous Speech of All - "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya"

Justice Dept. Official Lied to Congress - "the report 'confirms some of our worst fears about the Bush administration's political corruption' "

Judge Orders Search of Bush Administration E-Mails - "e-mails appeared to be missing from specific periods"

Israeli Prime Minister Brags About Giving Orders to Bush - "He got off the podium and spoke to me"

Coal Companies Spend Staggering Revenue on Advertising - "$125 million in the first 9 months of last year lobbying"

What TVA Isn't Saying about the Coal Spill Disaster - "This was a sludge tsunami -- but one caused by corporate neglect"

Investigating the Bush Administration - "I don't believe that anybody is above the law"

Standard Operating Procedure - "Finally Learning the Horrors of Abu Ghraib"

Bush Legacy - "84 Percent More Unemployed"

Israelis Protest Against Gaza Action - "1,000 Israelis protested against the Gaza attacks"

The Plot Against Pensions - "Look, we’re going to hand over this saving and investing individuals"

Blind Support of Israel - "The Israeli army evacuated 100 Palestinians to shelter, and then bombed the shelter"

Special Torture Prosecutor - "the top ranked question asks Obama whether he will appoint a special prosecutor"

Jon Stewart Takes on Israel's Attack on Gaza - Video

Yet Another Toxic Coal-Related Spill - "TVA is conducting temporary repairs"

Obama: 'If Paul Krugman Has a Good Idea … Then We're Going to Do It' - " 'in communications' with the Obama team"

'No Exceptions' to US Values - "to insist on assessments based solely on facts"

Why Israel Has Already Lost - "Israel has abandoned the moral high ground and has become worse than the Hamas terrorists"

Labor Rights Bills - "It is our moment to fight for economic freedom"

FDA Scientists Complain to Obama of "Corruption" - "FDA has been corrupted and distorted by current FDA managers"

Messages to Obama - "The most important thing...look into the crimes of the George W. Bush administration"

News Flash: Americans Still Like Unions! - "Employers now openly violate the provisions of the Labor Relations Act"

Coal Ash Spill Reveals Risks - "Nationally, coal combustion waste is estimated at more than 129 million tons a year"

Another Unnecessary War - "casualties were rare (three deaths in seven years)"

The Start of a Second Great Depression - "It turns out, however, that preventing depressions isn’t that easy after all"

The Greatest Greatness of George W. Bush - "Your greatness will be defined by how we rise to overcome and undo what you have done"

FOX Echoes the GOP on Employee Free Choice - "Fox is...continuing to serve as the GOP's mouthpiece"

War on Workers - "Now it's up to Obama to help undo the damage eight years of George Bush did to American workers"

Bush Is the Worst President We've Ever Had - "I think his efforts to destroy Social Security were very bad"

Israel's Actions - "The same pundits who are cheerleading Israel's assault on Gaza once sold the occupation of Iraq to America"

Protesters Decry U.S. Aid to Israel - "we are also demanding that our tax money not be spent on killing innocent civilians"

Rep. Hoyer Says Employee Free Choice Act Will Pass In 'Early Spring' - "Hoyer set everyone straight this morning"

Is Free-Market Fundamentalism Immoral? - "bank bosses are dismissed with golden parachutes"

Fear of Success - "the main concern of some of those opposed to stimulus may not be that it will fail, but rather that it will succeed"

Bush's Legacy of Destruction - "Destruction without responsibility, that's Bush's legacy"

Ex-Prime Minister Says Bush "Utter Failure" - "Yes, Bush's policies failed utterly"

Groups Monitored in Police Spying - "The operation has been called a 'waste of resources' by the current police superintendent"

DOJ Fire Sale for Corporate Crooks - "resolutions are coming with only weeks left in...Bush's term"

Dynegy Abandons Plans for 5 New Coal Plants - "We are thrilled to see the success of this campaign"

Gonzales' Most Serious Crime - "he says he can't get a job because people think he's going to be indicted. Poor Alberto"

Rivers High in Arsenic, Heavy Metals - "a spill that unleashed more than a billion gallons of coal waste"

Go After BushCo's 'Gravest Crimes' - "Law professor Jonathan Turley...advocated a special prosecutor appointment"

Workers Told to Abandon Retirees - "Bush is ready to extract from auto workers what Republican senators were unable to"

A Hundred Eyes for an Eye - "And the current slaughter is not only an ongoing Israeli war crime. It has an accomplice named Uncle Sam"

The Lessons of History Are Ignored - "Their need for Muslim martyrs is as crucial to them as Israel's need to create them"

Military Action in the US? - "A U.S. Army War College report"

Labor, Business Gird for Battle - "The Employee Free Choice Act would make it easier to unionize"

OSHA Mired in Inaction - "employers were OSHA's real customers, not the nation's workers"

A Much Bigger Disaster - "All of Wall Street has been engaging in just such crimes against the American people"

Rather's $70 Million Lawsuit - "Rather's lawsuit makes other serious allegations about CBS succumbing to political pressure"

Madoff and the Old Boys Club - "The regulators don't investigate respectable people like Madoff"

Bush-Cheney Myths - "Our policy of torture was directly and swiftly recruiting fighters for al-Qaeda in Iraq"

Free Market Free Fall - "We're going to take to the streets if Republicans try to block this"

Camping on Raytheon's Roof - "a jury accepted that the nine had acted to prevent a war crime"

Tennessee Coal Ash Disaster - "fish consumption advisories issued in Texas and North Carolina"

UAW Vows to Fight Salary Concessions - "The stakes in the talks between the unions and the automakers are high"

Right-Wing Economics Got Us into This Mess - "To make the market work well, you have to have a lot of rules"

Seasonal Forgiveness Has a Limit - "Bush and His Cronies Must Face a Reckoning"

Morgan Stanley Board Member's Lack of Transparency - "aren't willing to be used or deceived by corporate spokespeople"

Coal in Your Drinking Water - "This spill shows that coal can never be ‘clean’ "

Wall Street Journal Provides Free Advertising for Anti-Labor Group - "The article is just free political advertising"

Wal-Mart Settles Labor Suits of up to $640 Million - "63 wage-and-hour-abuse lawsuits"

Conservatives' Crazy Conspiracy Theories - "Keep in mind, this isn't just some poor man ranting on a street corner"

Cheney Is 'More Radical' Than Nixon - "Cheney's claim is actually "more radical" than Nixon's because Cheney said it while serving in office"

Rove's IT Guru Warned of Sabotage - "threats from Karl Rove to Connell if he refused to 'take the fall.' "

'I'd Throw Shoes Again' - "Goodbye Bush, Hello Democracy"

Cheney's Admissions - "Cheney's office played a central role in exposing her and nullifying much of her work"

Cheney Calls 9/11 the "Highest Moment" of the Last Eight Years - ""[I]t tells you something about the darkness of Cheney's mind"

SEC Whistleblower on Madoff Fraud - "SEC associate director Paul Berger derailed the investigation...I questioned that decision, fired me"

$1.6 Billion Went to Bailed-Out Bank Executives - "Goldman Sachs' tab for leased cars and drivers ran as high as $233,000 per executive"

Sunnis Embrace Shiite Reporter - "He was able to unite all of Iraq, all its Sunnis, Shiites, Arabs, Kurds, Turkomen and Christians"

SEC Employees Browsed Porn, Ran Private Businesses - "One attorney let his bar license lapse in 1994"

UAW Sacrifices or Surrender? - "Obama said that workers should not be the ones 'taking all the hits' "

Blacks and Immigrants Bring in the Union - "Smithfield Foods' North Carolina packing house voted in the union on December 11"

A World Enslaved - "The seed of Gonoo's slavery, for instance, was a loan of 62 cents"

Destroying What the UAW Built - "using the power of government to lower American living standards"

Bush Bailout Screws the American Worker - "Bush is demanding is that the UAW lower wages plus pensions"

Autoworkers Forced to Take Concessions - "They're going to attack the retirees badly on this one"

The End of Retirement? - "The UEW workers have shown the way forward for the labor movement"

Cheney Defies Prosecution - "a president cannot immunize himself or his subordinates for committing crimes that he himself authorized"

Bush's Taliban Lie - "Why is that ringing the big 'YOU'RE TELLING A LIE' bell in my head?"

Cheney Confesses To War Crimes - "What he is describing is most certainly and unambiguously a war crime"

Iraq Ambassador Addresses Demand to Free Iraqi Journalist - "shoe thrower has allegedly been beaten while in custody"

Signs of Abuse? - "appeared before a judge in his jail cell because he is too injured to appear in a courtroom"

The Shoe Heard Round the World - "The biggest barrier to democracy is the fear of social transgression"

Bush Tries to Whitewash History - "Portrays Himself as a Victim"

Meet the Man Who Threw His Shoes at Bush - "Muntadhar al-Zeidi will be given an award by a Libyan charity group"

Bring Your Shoes to the White House! - "The one who should be in jail is George Bush, and he should be charged with war crimes"

Iraqi Shoe Thrower Captures Mideast Rage at Bush - "Bush had harmed America's reputation and the friendship many had felt for it"

A Big, Bad Bailout Loophole - "BushCo's Last-Minute Change Allows Golden Parachutes"

GOP Risking Economy to Win War Against Unions - "there's an overlooked value to cracking down on corporations that...break the law"

Iraqi Journalist Throws His Shoes at Bush - "White House Press Secretary Dana Perino received a black eye in the scuffle"

Arabs Hail Shoe-Hurling Journalist - "This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq"

Man Throws Both Shoes at Bush, Calls Him a 'Dog' - "this is a farewell kiss, dog"

A Message for America's Ruling Class: We Told You So - "I know it's a tad annoying, but it has to be said"

Coal Plants: The Next Round of Subprime Loans? - "In short, we aren't going to need the power from new coal plants"

The Battle Over Christmas Really Heats Up - "The skirmish over Christmas in Washington state just gets funnier every day"

Bush's Farewell Hallelujah Chorus - "suddenly, the president's a regular chatterbox"

Will Labor Get What It Wants From Obama? - "What a breath of fresh air, to have a national leader take the side of workers"

Workers - 1, Wal-Mart - 0 - "Employees Win Right to Unionize"

Tragedy Recorded on Video - "Watch a Man Evicted From His Home"

Bush's Top Immigration Official Loves to Hire Undocumented Workers - "This pretty much sums up the Bush administration"

$50 Billion Fraud - "The SEC said it appeared that virtually all of the assets of his hedge fund business were missing"

Rumsfeld Responsible for Detainee Abuse - "The abuse of detainees...cannot simply be attributed to the actions of 'a few bad apples' "

Wal-Mart WorkersWin $54 Million Settlement - "In essence, they put their heads in the sand"

5 Disastrous Decisions That Got Us into This Economic Mess - "The deregulation philosophy would pay unwelcome dividends for years to come"

Senator Larry Craig Is Still Guilty of Trying to Solicit Sex - "every time he appeals and loses, we're reminded of the scandal all over again"

Workers Win a Big Round in Factory Sit-In - "Bank of America has been criticized for cutting off the plant's credit after taking federal bailout"

Illinois Governor Cuts off Bank of America - "We never expected this...We expected to go to jail"

Obama Defends Workers - "That's where the rubber hits the road and that's going to be the central focus of my administration"

Workers Occupy Factory in Chicago - "can't pay employees because its creditor, Charlotte, N.C.-based Bank of America, won't let them"

"Remember Pearl Harbor!" - "Preemptive war was not legitimate for the Japanese in 1941, and it is not legitimate for the United States today"

Duke Energy Gets Slammed on Mercury Emissions - "Duke Energy isn't even taking basic steps to control harmful emissions like toxic mercury"

GITMO Military Prosecutor Breaks His Silence - Video

Army Recruiters Open War 'Experience' Arcade to Attract Youngsters - "Yes, the virtural thrill of the kill coming to a mall near you"

KBR Gave Soldiers Ice with 'Traces of Body Fluids and Putrefied Remains' - "The scandals for KBR just keep coming"

Bush's Cronies Spread the Wealth Around ... to Corporations - "This money is being used with almost no accountability"

Rove Continues to Rewrite History - "his remarks stand in contrast to those offered by the president himself"

Bush's Delusional Legacy - "I'd like to be a president [known] as somebody who liberated 50 million people and helped achieve peace"

Is Laura Bush Delusional? - "Well, it’s certainly been very rewarding to look at Afghanistan"

Uncovering the Secrets of the Bush Administration - "What the 9/12 Commission needs to do, above all else, is tell a story"

I'm Still Tortured by What I Saw in Iraq - "The No. 1 reason foreign fighters flocked there to fight were the abuses carried out at Abu Ghraib"

Transition or Coup D'état? - "The outgoing administration lays mine fields to sabotage President-elect Obama's initiatives"

Triumph - "Get rid of whistleblowers who would expose wrongdoing...burrow operatives whom they know will continue the wrongdoing"

Blacklisted in Cyberspace - "Some efforts to block unwanted e-messages are threatening free speech on the Internet"

Lest We Forget - "The time to start preventing the next crisis is now"

The Lamest Duck - "He is less than President now, and that is appropriate. He was never very much of one"

CNN Ordered to Rehire Union Members - "Judge Arthur Amchan found that CNN violated the rights of more than 250 employees"

Robert Redford Slams Bush - "The Bush Administration is engaged in a last-minute flurry of efforts to open up...protected wilderness"

Thank You, George! - "By what criteria does one recognize a great leader? By his ability to organize his succession, of course"

The 10 Worst Corporations of 2008 - "Deregulation meant that Constellation's energy generating assets...were free from price regulation"

Our Banking System's Broken - "Paulson's $700 billion plan to save the world is dead or dying"

The American Worker - "Give me and my co-workers the ability to retrieve some of the wealth that has been stolen from us"

No Handshakes for G. W. Bush - "He seems like the unpopular kid in high school that nobody liked"

Employee Free Choice Act Would Restore Worker Protections - "The Employee Free Choice Act resurrects common sense"

Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales Indicted - "They had no other choice but to indict Cheney and Gonzales ‘because we love our country’ "

Merry Wal-Mart - "Wal-Mart illegally fired an employee for union organizing"

Is the Auto Industry Dead? - "The biggest development of the 1990s was the move from defined-benefit pension plans"

The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla - "I feel a little sorry for John. He aimed low and missed"

Priority #1 for Working America - "We really need fundamental change to counterbalance corporate power"

A My Lai a Month - "Mopped up many areas, slaughtering 3,000 people, mostly old folks, women and children"

Never Forget - "We have sacked Babylon. Only a fool would believe there will be no day of atonement"

Ex-Conservative Media Member's Secrets - "Conservative talk show hosts would receive daily talking points e-mails from the Bush White House"

We Must Hold the Bush Regime Accountable - "If you refuse to hold people of any significance responsible...they will do it over and over again"

Bailout is a Trillion-Dollar Crime Scene - "None of us wants to be blamed for...creating a new Great Depression"

New Blackwater Iraq Scandal - "The only reason you need a silencer is if you want to assassinate someone"

A Financial Meltdown 30 Years in the Making - "Management made the mistakes and they want workers to pay for it"

Goodbye and Good Riddance - " the most powerful man in the world being such a ridiculous buffoon"

Bush Disapproval Ratings Reach All Time High - "Bush is now more unpopular than Richard Nixon"

The Mini-Depression - "Government is the spender of last resort, and the nation is coming close to its last resort"

A Quiet Windfall for US Banks - "None of us wants to be blamed for ruining these mergers and creating a new Great Depression"

Obama to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions - "It took eight years to get into this mess, and it will take a long time to get out of it"

Secret Service Blamed Palin for Obama Death Threats - "Two plots to assassinate Obama were broken up"

'You Picked Her' - "If Sarah Palin is the reason some voters chose Barack Obama, that is no one's fault but your own"

GOP: 'We're Utterly Lost, Do You Have Suggestions?' - "The party has fallen so far, it doesn't even know what to do next"

Republicans Turn on Each Other - "The main ammunition in the war was a lengthening list of allegations against Palin"

Wall Street Fat Cats to Pocket Billions in Bailout Cash - "Paying Wall Street bonuses was not supposed to be part of the plan"

New Information About Sarah Palin - "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast"

Big Business Prepares for a Less Friendly Washington - "The Employee Free Choice Act is our number one legislative priority for next year"

The Man Who Knows Too Much - "Soldiers of the 11th Brigade killed 500 or more civilians that morning"

The Five Most Wanted Wall Street Rip-off Artists - "Chairman Gramm snuck a short provision into an 11,000-page appropriations bill."

Foreclosed: The George W. Bush Story - "The bubble world of George W. Bush was bound to be burst"

Paulson's Swindle Revealed - "The swindle of American taxpayers is proceeding more or less in broad daylight"

McCain First, Second, and Always - "Should he have been expelled from the Senate?"

No More Socialism for the Rich! - "McCain is going to make sure that the wealthy get another incredible tax break while everybody else suffers"

McCain Turned His Back on the Vietnamese Man Who Saved His Life - "McCain would have...drowned if Mr. On...had not jumped in the lake"

The US Invades - Again - "The new US raids into Pakistan and Syria blatant violation of international law"

A Last Push to Deregulate - "The new rules would be among the most controversial deregulatory steps of the Bush era"

Rachel Maddow Interviews Barack Obama - "The Democratic candidate visited MSNBC's 'The Rachel Maddow Show' "

CIA Officers Could Face Torture Trial - "British agents cannot take part in US crimes without facing the music"

Campaigning for Cindy Sheehan - "Cindy decided to challenge Pelosi for taking impeachment off the table"

Palin Talks Losing and 2012 - "Maybe the McCain campaign shouldn't have called Sarah Palin a 'diva' and a 'whack job'"

McCain, 'You’re No Maverick' - "Supporting people who are CEOs, making millions of dollars...John McCain, you're no Maverick"

Man Shoots Teenager to Protect McCain Sign - "The Second Amendment doesn't mean you get to pretend you're Dirty Harry"

Dangerous Downsizings - "Where have all the bodies gone?"

The Endorsement From Hell - "Al Qaeda will have to support McCain in the coming election"

Bush Pushes EPA to Relax Power-Plant Rule - "It was part of Vice President Dick Cheney's 2001 energy plan"

ATF Says Racists Plotted to Kill Obama - "Investigators disrupted an improbable plan to assassinate Sen. Barack Obama and kill 102"

Wal-Mart Has Perfected the Art of Union-Busting - "Wal-Mart has crossed the line from subtle to heavy-handed"

Desperately Seeking Seriousness - "The prospect of a second Great Depression concentrated the public's mind"

Greenspan Says, "Who Could Have Known?" - "The current group of economic policymakers must be replaced with people qualified"

Alaskan Senator Guilty of Corruption - "Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens was convicted of seven corruption charges"

The Torture Time Bomb - "The next US president must ensure the full facts are established"

Barack Obama for President - "Mr. Obama is a man of supple intelligence, with a nuanced grasp of complex issues"

Deregulating Chemicals - "Deregulation has backfired on the very corporations which have spent so much time, energy and money lobbying for it"

Arson, Suicide, and Murder Mark the Economic Crisis - "The...body count may be far more extreme than anyone yet wants to contemplate"

McCain Aides Aggressively Pushed Hoax - "If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain's quest for the presidency is over"

Former White House Press Secretary Supports Obama - "Scott McClellan…told CNN Thursday he's voting for Barack Obama"

McCain Staffer Threatens to Arrest Journalist - "One McCain campaign worker decided you shouldn't see what is going on"

Joe McCain Calls 911 to Complain About Traffic - "And right about now, I suspect John McCain wishes he were an only child"

Sen. George Mitchell Slams Karl Rove - "The end of Rove-Style politics"

A Nation of Workers Became a Nation of Debtors - "The more you are in debt, the less likely you are to rock the boat"

Progressives Battle to Provide Real Economic Relief - "We've got to prop up people as well as institutions"

Big Oil's Lobbyists Contributed to Finance's Crash - "Enron has already shown us what such deregulation can bring"

Bill to Expedite Union Organizing - "There are some seismic shifts going on in the relationship between management and labor"

Keith Olbermann on the Tone of the Presidential Race - "Negative right-wing attacks on Colin Powell for his endorsement of Barack Obama"

Freddie Mac Secretly Paid Republican Firm to Kill Regulation - "All GOP members of the committee supported it; all Democrats opposed it"

Attempted Arrest of Karl Rove for Treason - "You are under arrest for contempt of Congress"

Colin Powell Slams McCain - "Powell has gotten a good look at...his Republican Party, and he really doesn't like what he sees"

Late night laughs at Joe the Plumber - "First he's the most famous plumber on the planet. Then he's not a licensed plumber"

'Joe the Plumber' Comes Clean - "I would be receiving his tax cuts"

Michael Palin No Longer the Funniest Palin - "Palin's nomination is so funny, Monty Python could have written it!"

Obama tears up the joint at charity dinner - "Fox News accused me of fathering two African-American children in wedlock"

Scam Artists Turned Home Mortgages Into Economic WMDs - "These instruments...are 'worth' about $500 trillion"

McCain Was Not Tortured, POW Guard Claims - "On the contrary, we saved his life"

McCain Stimulus Proposal: Tax Cut For Millionaires - "McCain advisers are contradicting each other"

Watch out for the "First Dude" - "The First Gentleman of Alaska will slip into the role of First Gentleman of the United State"

"Steal Back Your Vote!" - "Palast describes the ways that votes are being stolen ahead of the 2008 election"

The Fallacy of the 401(k) - "It was about reducing corporate costs"

Troops Deployed in US for "Crowd Control" - "Bush struck down Posse Comitatus, thus making it legal for military to patrol the U.S."

Eliot's Mess - "Bush-bots ordered the states to NOT enforce their consumer protection laws"

Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime - "An aggressive and unprecedented campaign to prevent states from protecting their residents"

The Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama - "In North Carolina...Elizabeth Dole, is looking like a goner"

Torture Hits Close to Home - "Interrogation of two U.S. citizens…at naval brigs in Virginia and South Carolina"

Lehman CEO Punched Out - "He walked over and he knocked him out cold"

One Who Could Have Prevented Financial Mess Was Silenced - "Greenspan, Rubin & Summers rushed to silence her"

Palin 'Unlawfully Abused Her Authority' - "Palin, was found to have abused her powers in pursuit of a personal feud"

Justice Department Scandal Almost Buried by Financial Crisis - "The longtime pal and adviser to President Bush was lying through his teeth"

Who Will Look After the Economy Until January? - "The Paulson plan...has been adjudged a failure by the world's financial markets"

The Great Unwind - "Like a giant forest fire, the de-leveraging process cannot be extinguished"

Wall Street's Meltdown - "The greatest destruction of financial wealth that the world has ever seen"

McCain Says 'My Fellow Prisoners' - "Hanging from this Freudian a long foxtail of meanings"

Bush Had No Plan to Catch bin Laden - "Administration officials gave priority to planning for war with Iraq"

Execs Receive a Flogging from Congress - "The public is finally getting a look at the faces behind the financial crisis"

Retirement Savings Lose $2 Trillion - "Americans' retirement security may be one of the greatest casualties of this financial crisis"

Politics of Attack - "Palin, in particular, revels in the attack"

They're Stealing from You and Me - "McCain is a lifelong deregulator and believer in letting brokers and bankers do as they please"

Democrats Could Hit 60 Senate Seats - "Top Republicans say they have no hope for Dole in North Carolina"

The Golden Parachute Survives - "It would do little to cap executive pay or rein in the enormous retirement packages"

Make-Believe Maverick - "He's going to be Bush on steroids"

The Demise of Glass-Steagall - "Some lobbyists even brag about how the bill put their kids through college"

Bail-out leads to conflict of interest - "Wall Street financiers cash in on crisis"

Let the Rich Bail Them Out - "This bill does not deal at all with how we got into this crisis in the first place"

Aspiring to be a Dictator - "McCain's interview with the Des Moines Register did not go well"

FOX Calls Overwhelming Obama Support a "Split" - "More evidence of FOX's warped election coverage"

Bailout for the Rich - "One after another, they...threw Bush under the bus"

Bush Is a 'Beaten Dog' - "The picture of presidential impotence"

Save Pensions - "Pension plans...have been gradually replaced by individual accounts loaded with stocks"

Sarah Palin Head of the Coming Police State? - "The Rove-Cheney cabal is using Sarah Palin as a stalking horse"

The 3 A.M. Call - "John McCain, on the other hand, scares me"

McCain's Suspension Bridge to Nowhere - "McCain was determined to be the bull in Washington's legislative china shop"

A Freddie Mac Money Trail Catches Up With McCain - "Freddie Mac...paid his campaign manager's firm $15,000 a month"

Keating Five Ring a Bell? - "McCain's past collides with the present Wall Street debacle"

We Won't Escape the Worst Recession in 40 Years - "I think about 200 banks will go bankrupt"

Frightened President Tries to Scare American Public on Bailout - "The president tried to turn himself into an economics professor"

Why Corporations Keep Getting Bailout Billions - "Corporate communism is basically what we’ve got"

Economic Fascism - "Gramm...pushed through the financial market deregulation that has brought the U.S. economy to its knees"

Handing Money to the People Who Got Us in This Mess - "Paulson also has personal conflicts of interest"

Letterman Brutally Mocks McCain - "A funny thing happened to McCain on the way to the airport"

Crooked Deals That Made This Financial Meltdown Inevitable - "Until Enron, utility stocks were considered best for little old ladies"

McCain's Keating Five Problem - "McCain's Keating Five problem in just 97 seconds"

McCain Insider Admits to Writing Fraudulent Letters - "The ghostwriters were openly encouraged to blatantly lie"

Wealthy Should Pay For Bush's Bailout - "The middle class has shrunk; the rich have become richer"

McCain’s No Talk Express - "Relations between John McCain and the press corps...have fully deteriorated"

Taxpayers, Congress Push Back Against Bailout - "Deregulation and unfettered greed...has exacted a heavy toll on American taxpayers"

Don't Bail Out Wall Street, Bail Out the Middle Class - "Corporate governance was often weak, with cronyism in abundance"

Why Our Economic System Is on the Verge of Collapse - "The immediate cause of our financial meltdown is unchecked, unbridled greed"

The $700 Billion Weapon of Mass Deception - "These financial corporations lobbied ferociously to be free of government regulation"

Multi-Hundred Billion Dollar Giveaway - "Call off their lobbyists, bar them from the bribery disguised as campaign contributions"

Cheney Ordered to Preserve Records - "The lawsuit stems from Mr. Cheney's position that his office is not part of the executive branch"

Middle Class Must Not Be Forced to Bail Out Wall Street - "The product of the Bush Administration's deregulatory fever"

RNC Charges Dropped Against Amy Goodman - "There needs to be a full investigation of law enforcement activities during the convention"

John McCain and the Lying Game - "Sober observers...are calling John McCain a liar"

McCain Does a Google on the Blackberry He Invented - "McCain desperately tries to shed his Luddite image"

Fixing Wall Street Won't Fix Economy - "Real wages for the majority...have been declining while CEO salaries are at an all-time high"

Republican National Convention Mass Arrest - "BURIED TAPE REVEALS USE OF FORCE"

Ron Paul on Why He Will Never Endorse McCain - "He disagrees with him 'on all the major issues' "

Employee Free Choice Act - "The bill passed the House 241-185 but was filibustered by Republicans in the Senate"

The American Dream Is Dead - "Employers…are prepared to go to almost any extreme to keep workers from getting organized"

McCain Enabled Economic Meltdown - "He voted for abolishing all of the significant rules"

Can Great Depression II be Prevented? - "This needless collapse was brought to us by free-market extremists"

As Wall Street Collapses, Will Washington Get a Clue? - "Wall Street firms are betting on which one will bite the dust next"

AIG Takeover Won't Solve Financial Crisis - "McCain, the newly born re-regulator, has no idea what he is talking about"

Big Banks Go Bust - "The epic deflation of Wall Street rolls forward like a blood-spattered steamroller"

Lobbyists Run McCain’s Campaign - "177 lobbyists working for the McCain campaign"

Economic Disaster - "It's yet another example of the GOP's deregulation fetish"

Ralph Nader Was Right (Again) - "The day after Ralph sent out his warning, he was ridiculed in Congress"

Wall Street Crisis Is Culmination of 28 Years of Deregulation - "Regulators felt pressure to deal lightly with mortgage loans"

Retirement Watchdogs Growl as Wall Street Rocks - "The typical benefit of $740 doesn't sound like much, but it keeps the wolf away "

McCain’s "Huge Mistake" - "Mitt Romney joins Karl Rove in criticizing McCain for lying"

The Biggest Scandal of McCain's Career - "Major bank failures? Financial fraud and greed? Political ineptitude?"

Biden Slams McCain on Economy - "If all you do is walk the halls of power, all you'll hear is the wants of the powerful"

McCain Would Privatize Social Security - "McCain has repeatedly expressed interest in privatizing Social Security"

Media Call McCain and Palin on Their Trail of Lies - "He is responsible for one of the sleaziest ads I've ever seen in presidential politics"

Video: Republicans and military men on John McCain - "He makes Cheney look like Gandhi"

Video: WHAT REPUBLICANS SAY ABOUT JOHN MCCAIN - "I decided that I did not want this guy anywhere near a trigger"

Campaign of Lies Disgraces McCain - " McCain's straight talk has become a toxic mix of lies and double-speak"

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