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"If your morals make you dreary, depend on it, they are wrong. I do not say give them up, for they
may be all you have. But conceal them like a vice, lest they spoil the lives of better and simpler people."
- Robert Louis Stevenson

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The $47 Million Retiree Sellout - "$17 Million From Companies Actively Cutting Retiree Benefits"

The Butcher's Bill - "I don't want to be a daddy because daddies die"

Iraq Rejects U.S. Talk of Adjusting Vote Result - "It is not acceptable for anyone to interfere in our business."

The Emperor-in-Chief - "He can now come out of the closet as full-fledged Emperor of the World."

Living in Garbage - "Heaps of Baghdad's rotting wastes are strewn about several square miles"

Further Detainee Abuse Alleged - "He and others were in grave danger in the U.S. military's hands"

Wal-Mart Elected "Grinch of the Year" - "Many employees are eligible for food stamps"

A Christmas Story of Peace and Love - "For both sides, Christmas was a brief respite"

U.S. officials: 'Insurgents Operate at Will' - "It's very difficult to stop those people."

U.S. Families of Dead Raise 600,000 Dollars for Fallujah Refugees - "Time to stop the killing"

U.S. Living in 'Fantasy Land' over Iraq - "America's failure to honestly assess the situation"

Christmas Eve of Destruction - "Bush is still not leveling with us"

Electors Call for National Voting Reforms - "Never has such a vote been cast by an elector"

War Crimes - "Torture and killing of foreign prisoners by this American government"

Rewarding Incompetence - "My son, Spc. Casey Sheehan was killed in Iraq on 04/04/04."

Did President Bush Order Torture? - "It's no longer enough for Bush to issue a simple denial."

It Will All Be Over Soon - "U. S. occupation of Iraq would be coming to an end in December"

Bush's Second Term - "Bush and...Donald Rumsfeld, more vulnerable to criticism"

Abuse Was Widespread - "The abuse took place within a culture of secrecy and neglect"

Iraq Reality Check - "It was a Marine colonel...who decided to topple the statue"

Shock, Awe and the Human Body - "We are indifferent to world opinion...will stop at nothing."

Sabotage of Social Security - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Bush Attack on Labor - "The most anti-worker Administration in decades"

Files Describe Abuse - "Top government officials can no longer hide from public scrutiny"

Presidential Order - "F.B.I. records call Defense Department's methods 'torture' "

War on the Cheap - "We don't have enough troops...we are fighting the war on the cheap"

More Aggressive Congress - "Some Republicans no longer feel tethered to the president"

Heat on Rumsfeld - "Using fake signatures was 'like having it signed by a monkey' "

Why Bush Won - "How could the American people reelect this man who has failed so badly?"

Broader Presidential Powers - "Lay a legal groundwork for the president to invade Iraq"

Disgraced by Silence - "Unexplained deaths, humiliations and depravity...multiply"

Haiti Bloodbath That Left Dozens Dead - "It was a massacre. More than 60 were killed."

Energy Firms Lavish Funds on Inauguration - "The Nuclear Energy Institute...gave $100,000"

Chorus of Rumsfeld Detractors - "The fact of the matter is, his days are numbered now."

Sinister Plan - "The chilling reality of what Falluja has become is only now seeping out"

Torture Begins at the Top - "He may someday be held accountable for this disgraceful stain"

Buying Into Failure - "The Bush administration wants to scrap a retirement system that works"

Honoring Failure - "How to run an imperial presidency: Reward those who have failed."

The Path to Florida - "Stunned U.S. Supreme Court clerks watched justice become partisan"

Prison within a Prison - "C.I.A. has run a secret facility for some Al Qaeda detainees"

All the President's Problems - "A blundering start to the second term."

Bush's Second Front - "Turn back the clock on social policy to the early twentieth century"

Proof of Ohio Election Fraud - "As it turns out, everyone was looking the wrong way"

Cutting Health Benefits - "Retiree health care coverage is kind of a slowly vanishing species"

Mistreating Prisoners in Iraq - "A match was lighted, igniting the prisoner."

Who Killed Baha Mousa? - "Kifah looked like half a human, he was so badly beaten"

'Obstructing' Medical Care - "We were tied up and beaten despite being unarmed"

Soldiers - "The military has been charging some injured combat soldiers travel expenses"

Drive Out a Union? - "Across the South companies have long used bare-knuckled tactics"

Unocal to Settle Rights Claims - "Until the pipeline came, we were free"

Eight Deaths in Military Custody - "No courts martial...with respect to this 'murder' "

Rumsfeld, the Bungler - "This man remains in the job he has bungled so badly."

Questions for Florida - "Once she said, 'We need to steal an election,' that put me back."

Rumsfeld's Fig Leaf Falling - "This was a war of opportunity, not necessity"

Were Detainees Guinea Pigs at Guantánamo? - "They also were given injections"

A Tough Guy Tumbles - "Kerik had shown an inclination to make his own rules"

'Armor' - "Defense sees it's fallen short in securing the troops. The grunts already knew."

Kill Zone - "They entered houses and killed people because they didn't speak English."

Official U.S. Policy - "What happened at Abu Ghraib was torture by the book"

Anti-Social Security - "The Bush plan would require a large reduction in the benefits provided"

White House Puts Blame on Kerik - "Nominee initially denied having hired an illegal immigrant"

U.S. Soldiers' Grilling Fields - "Soldiers in Iraq are questioning the rationale for their mission"

Far from Over - "Maybe it's some secret Skull and Bones tradition"

'Hillbilly Armour' - "Civilian leadership refused to heed military commanders"

A Defeat for an Empire - The United States has lost the war in Iraq, and that's a good thing.

Voter Problems - "The errors seem to have cost votes for Kerry"

Blocking Mr. Torture - "Bush runs the risk of being prosecuted as a war criminal"

We Won't Go to Iraq - "More than 5,500 servicemen have deserted since the war started"

He Lost an Arm in Iraq; the Army Wants Money - "I have no way of getting home."

Silencing the Vote - "Unless we act, the nation will get the same result as in 2000"

Rumsfeld's Double Standard - "Partisan hypocrisy of the most brazen and dangerous kind."

Army Plagued by Desertion - "The crisis may be even deeper than the statistics suggest"

Armor Disputed - "They have not approved new purchase orders for armored trucks"

Faking WMD Reports - "Their official dogma was contradicted by his reporting"

Homeless Iraq Vets - "When we already have people from Iraq on the streets, my God"

Energy Companies - "The energy industry’s influence on the commission also is apparent"

Hearing - "People cannot and will not accept a fraudulent election for the office of President."

Rumsfeld - "Why do we soldiers have to dig through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal?"

Nukes, Neo-Cons, and the Bush Who Cried Wolf - "Here the Neo-Cons crossed the line"

Inventing a Crisis - "Social Security is a government program that works"

Warnings on Iraq - "The situation in Iraq is deteriorating and may not rebound any time soon"

"America Is So Much Better than This" - "A foreign policy careening out of control"

Abu Ghraib-style Tactics - "Contents of the letter were verified on Monday by an FBI official"

Mel Watt to Lead Congressional Black Caucus - "Watt was unanimously elected chairman"

Declare Victory and Leave - "Our occupation only compounds the horror of it all."

Chickens Come Home to Roost - "Anti-American sentiment is not limited to the Middle East."

Soldiers Plan to Sue - "They were fraudulently induced to sign up"

Putin: - "Dictatorship coated in beautiful pseudo-democratic phraseology"

U.S. Admits the War for 'Hearts and Minds' in Iraq is Now Lost - "Self-serving hypocrisy"

Made in China - "Wal-Mart doesn't recognize unions; it doesn't even recognize 'employees.' "

Sink Teeth into Social Security - "A trillion-dollar handout to Wall Street firms"

Why I Resigned from the CIA - "White House officials repeatedly refused to act"

The System Endures - "Bush will perpetuate this systematic violation of human rights"

Fallujans Pose Challenge - "If they don't get their revenge now, they will next year"

All Mosquitos - "We are seen as a hypocritical bully in the Middle East and we have to stop!"

Election Protest - "Ohio voters were the victims of a fraud that took votes from Kerry"

The Way Our Country Treats Returning Soldiers is a National Shame - Asheville Citizen-Times

New Iraq Prisoner Photos - "They suggested possible Geneva Convention violations"

The Ethic of Total Opposition - "Wars are easy to start and hard to stop"

Hearings on Ohio Vote Fraud - "Expert testimony will be offered"

Bush's Ohio Win Was Closer Than Thought - "Kerry drew closer by about 17,000 votes."

Ukraine Supreme Court Invalidates Election - The U. S. Supreme Court could take lessons!

Warning on Social Security - "Let me state clearly that there are no free lunches here"

Is this American? - "This is not 'tantamount to torture.' It's torture. It is not 'detainee abuse.' "

Former Bush Campaign Official Indicted - "Tobin was charged with conspiracy"

You Call This Liberation - "Pentagon experts have made a discovery"

Kerry Team Seeks to Join Fight to Get Ohio County to Recount - The Washington Post

Voting Errors - More than 4,000 votes one North Carolina county

U.S. Torture at Guantánamo - "This is a scandal that will not go away."

Generals in Iraq Were Told of Abuse - "detainee shows signs of having been beaten"

Worse Than Ashcroft - "Helped write the Patriot Act and supported torture."

Rumsfeld Sued for Alleged War Crimes - "There is simply no other place to go"

Validate the Vote - "There is also reason to question the competence of election officials"

Abuse in Guantánamo - "Memorandums about coercive treatment or torture were disclosed"

Where Democracy Refuses to Die - "They realize they can change something"

Untangle U.S. Secrecy - "The Bush administration has taken secrecy to a new level."

'They Hate Our Policies' - "And the last mile in every war is about claiming the political fruits."

Conditions for War Crimes - "Bush...'created the conditions that allowed transgressions' "

Labor Issues - "Bush's re-election was a major setback for organized labor"

Checkpoints Take Toll - "For them, you see, they don't have a problem getting beaten up"

Developments - "Suing their own retired employees in order to cut their pension benefits"

Ballots - "I pushed John Kerry and my vote immediately jumped up to George Bush"

Reject Poll - "Ukraine's parliament has declared last Sunday's presidential poll invalid."

Coal's Global Goal - "The United States is further isolating itself...from the rest of the world."

Partisan Policy - "Congress will pass bills only if most House Republicans back them"

Smoking While Iraq Burns - "Kerry stayed scandalously silent about Abu Ghraib"

Following the Ukrainian Lead - "Some Americans predicted our election would be stolen"

Crowds Blockade Ukraine - "Demonstrators have laid siege to government buildings"

Does Bush Now Have Political Capital to Spend? - "Bush merely (and barely) retained his job"

Guardsmen Ill-Trained - "They were under strict lockdown and being treated like prisoners"

Ukrainian Vote Appeal - "Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, cannot formally take office"

Scientist Faces Retaliation - "Such publicly expressed acclaim for a whistle-blower is unusual"

Where's Picasso? - "Our hands are not clean. They are covered with blood"

Fallujah Leaders Were Local, Not Foreign - "Omar is far too powerful to be anyone's deputy"

Hook or Crook in Washington - "Tom DeLay has become the Teflon Don of politics"

Media Coverage of Iraq - "Buzzwords…slant news coverage and skew public perceptions"

U.S. Forces Killed Unarmed Civilians - "US forces refused repeated calls for medical aid"

Medics Testify to Fallujah's Horrors - "It's going to be in my mind for the rest of my life"

The Day I Almost Led the Iraqi Army - "I kept hearing...'It was better under Saddam.' "

Reid Cuts a Deal with Bush - "The Senate's staunchest opponent of a nuclear waste dump"

Saving Your Right to Vote - "Their shiny new machines were counting backwards"

Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged - "Others lawsuits may be announced next week"

Litigating the Election - "A candidate's concession is not legally binding"

DeLay Rakes It In - "Fund created by DeLay in 2000 has collected more than $932,000"

Powell's Unfortunate Outburst - This is the "trust us on national security matters" administration.

Children Pay Cost - "People talk now about how the days of Saddam were very nice"

Hearings on Ohio Voting - "This year's election in Ohio was deeply flawed"

Protesters Greet Bush In Santiago - "Bush's Latin American trip sparked a violent backlash"

More Relief for Struggling Millionaires - "People in the middle will be squeezed"

'Stinking Evidence' - Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida

Cronkite Rips Bush's Record - "What America needs right now is a new election"

The Fight for Peace - "No president...has any authority to commit war crimes"

Florida E-Vote Count - "Research team calls for investigation."

800 Iraqi Civilians Killed - "The 800 number is the most conservative estimate"

Report on Fallujah Offensive - "The pessimistic analysis was prepared by intelligence officers"

Arithmetic Lesson - "275 soldiers were wounded in Falluja and 419 are treated for wounds"

Partisan Spooks - "Goss...failed to release a bipartisan report on prewar Iraq intelligence"

Reject Gonzales - "The NLG condemned Gonzales for his approval of the torture of prisoners"

Vote Recount - "It could open the way for recounts in other states, such as Florida."

Falluja War Crimes - "The US military has begun an investigation into possible war crimes"

Election 2004 - "Evidence is emerging to suggest…election results were manipulated"

Former G.I.s Ordered to War, Fight Not to Go - "I consider myself a civilian"

I Smell a Rat - "These results are absurdly unlikely."

Recount in Ohio a Sure Thing - "There will be a recount of the presidential vote in Ohio."

Gonzales - "Those inside the White House-might one day be charged with 'war crimes' "

His Red Right Hand - "A family of five...shot down as they tried to cross the water."

Slapping the Other Cheek - "I'm getting more the feel of a vengeful mob"

Presidential Ballots to be Recounted - "Ralph Nader set in motion the hand-recounting"

The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy - Odds against the discrepancy: 250 million to one.

Kerry Won Ohio - "Most voters in Ohio chose Kerry. Here's how the votes vanished."

A Legitimate Recount Effort in Ohio - "If Kerry emerges victorious, he's president."

MSNBC Vote Fraud Video - This video covers a lot of territory

CIA Critic Resigns - "Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror"

The Quaint Mr. Gonzales - "Gonzales helped write the USA Patriot Act"

A Thousand Fallujahs - "Once again the US has been caught in a giant spider's web."

Who Counts in Ohio? - "Officials have in hand nearly 250,000 uncounted ballots"

Apocalypse Denial in America - "Your affluent classes have been sheltered"

Bush's 'Incredible' Vote Tallies - "20,000 more votes than registered Republicans"

Opposition to Iraq War at New High - London

Judge Says Detainees' Trials Are Unlawful - "Ruling is setback for Bush policy."

Halliburton Admits Bribes 'May Have Been Paid' - "Was being run by Dick Cheney"

Supreme International Crime - There have already been 100,000 "excess" Iraqi deaths

Sacked for Investigating Government Abuses - "110 arbitrary detentions and cases of torture"

Popular Fiction - "Bush is out of step with the public on all the issues"

The Curse of Bush II - "Yes, the devastation will be extreme."

Tuesday's Electoral Disaster - "1,100 reports of electronic voting machine malfunctions"

Evidence Mounts that the Vote Was Hacked - "I suspect foul play."

Broward Machines Count Backward - "Things were just going too smoothly."

The Costs of War - "I loathe the hubris, the callousness and the lies"

Election Inquiry - “When they tried to vote for John Kerry…the vote was cast for Bush”

We're All Israelis Now - "America, in short, has become a criminal nation"

Learning from Granny D - "MoveOn and the Dean organization, refused to help"

The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy - "Get Corporations Out Of Our Vote!"

The Last Battle - "Down by almost a million votes before a single vote was cast"

Error Gives Bush Extra Votes - In one NC county, more than 4,500 votes were lost

No Surrender - "Bush isn't a conservative. He's a radical"

Hacking The Presidency - "These systems were designed for vote fraud."

Light Shed on Questions about War - "We will never know the death toll for Iraqi civilians"

Mercy and Murder - "Two U.S. soldiers face charges after taking life of injured youth."

Kerry Won - "Tuesday, in Ohio and New Mexico, it was John Kerry."

Still Standing, Still Fighting, Still Here - "It isn't over, but has only just begun."

The Loonies Have Taken Control - "Oh, lordy, is this cuckoo clock still vice president?"

Stand and Fight - "Why aren't poverty and unjust war considered immoral?"

Voiceless Victims of Bush's Misadventure - Media ignores human toll of 'Shock and Awe.'

Diebold's Political Machine - "Ohio could become as decisive this year as Florida"

Money Stalls Major Corporate Reform - The Administration Has Stalled Corporate Reform

Kerry responds to Pension Forum questions - "Bush’s representatives declined to respond”

A Fresh Start for America - "I will not privatize Social Security; I will not cut benefits"

One Day Left - "He fought, every step of the way, the investigation into the 9/11 attacks."

GIs Lack Armor, Radios, Bullets - "We're basically eating our own young to support the war"

Democracy Must Triumph, Not Fear - "We believe Kerry would do better"

Bush and Bin Laden - "Bush left 50,000 of his people in the towers"

Days of Shame - "This will never be seen as a shining moment in U.S. history."

Vote for a Man, Not a Puppet - "Well, he fooled me once, but he won't fool me twice."

Bush Win Would Mean Dark Times - World Would Perceive Support For Preemptive War

Reporter Saw Insurgents Loot Qaqaa Arms Depot - "I was utterly stupefied"

Officer Objected to Halliburton Deal - "We'll get the money to the Iraqis, not to Halliburton."

Rights Group Warned U.S. of Munitions Cache - "Officials appeared uninterested"

NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate - Bulge not wrinkled clothing

Vets Launch Operation Truth to Expose Bush - Non-profit, non-partisan veterans' organization

Iraq Explosives Story Detonates Under Bush Campaign - "We did not provide the security"

A Matter of Survival - Everything this administration has done with Iraq has been dead wrong

Republicans Pressed To Halt Voter-Suppression

Whistleblower Says Halliburton Contract Abuse Blatant - "Worst case of contracting abuse"

The Man Behind the Oval Office Curtain - "It's Cheney's administration, and it's a shame."

Iraq's Grim Spiral - Cheney declared Iraq to be "a remarkable success story"

Worst Environmental President in U.S. History - "A utility lobbyist runs the EPA's air division."

For Bush, Too Late for Honesty - "Defending the indefensible offers a kind of morbid hilarity."

IRS Investigating NAACP for Criticism of President - "At issue is a speech Bond delivered"

Video Shows Cache of Explosives - John Kerry accused Bush of incompetence

Conflicted Evangelicals Could Cost Bush Votes - "There's no way I'm going for Bush."

Beware Scalia-Thomas Clones - Many Bush appointees are "embarrassingly unqualified"

Promises to Keep - American soldiers were used to guard petroleum facilities after the invasion

The Road to Abu Ghraib - "The biggest scandal of the Bush administration began at the top"

Media Cowed as Bush Exploits 9-11 - "Bush has exploited the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001"

Why I'm Voting Against My Commander in Chief - "Sir, you are relieved of duty!"

I Need a President - "Secrecy is a cancer on democracy"

The Choice - What has the country received in return for mortgaging its future?

Who'll Stop The Rain? - "The facts do not add up … there is a cover up."

Beyond the Call of Duty - "A whistle-blower objected to the government's Halliburton deals"

Bush Interior Dept. Pepper Sprays Top Cop - "Theresa Chambers decided to fight back"

Detainees Secretly Taken Out Of Iraq - "Practice is called breach of protections"

The Case Kerry Cracked - "Kerry took on not only the Bush clan and its friends, but the CIA"

Presidential Election - "Dubya" has been one of the worst presidents in United States history.

Bodies of 49 Iraqi Soldiers Found - "Graduates were forced to lie down, then shot in head"

Further Abuse at Abu Ghraib - "Documents made public Thursday provide fresh details"

Mother of Fallen NYPD Cadet - "Bush led our nation to an immoral war in Iraq"

Iraq Government Losing Support - Support for the government in Baghdad has plunged

Behind Bush's Rhetoric - "Bush wants to win by twisting and distorting John Kerry's record"

Iraq Evidence 'Manipulated' - Officials slanted intelligence to support White House's claim

The Unknown Soldiers - "The reality of the suffering in Iraq has been rendered invisible"

America's Hidden Vote - Bush's job approval is 47 - presidents below 50 always lose.

Mr. Kerry on Prisoners - "A Kerry administration will apply the Geneva Conventions"

Voter Registration Workers Cry Foul - "We were only to register Republicans."

Clerks Spill Bush v. Gore Details - "They simply felt bound by a higher duty."

A War Without Reason - "The war in Iraq is an exercise in lunacy."

Kerry Picks up 30 Papers, Widens Lead - "Five papers that had backed Bush in 2000"

Has Bush Lost His Reason? - "The evidence has been before our eyes for some time"

AT&T Employees’ Cash Balance Arguments - The legal issues with cash balance conversions

John Kerry for President - The New York Times Endorsement

The Financial Accounting Standards Board on cash balance plans

Least of These - "The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons."

The Last Woman Prisoner Released from Abu Ghraib Testifies to Tortures

U.S. Army Inquiry Implicates 28 Soldiers in Deaths of 2 Afghan Detainees

4-Star Plans After Abu Ghraib - "I would say that he would have a snowball's chance"

Platoon Defies Orders in Iraq - "Under arrest for refusing a 'suicide mission' "

Game. Set. Match. - Asked about health care for seniors, Bush laughed

When the Fallen Refuse to Salute - "This is what his soul is crying out to me from heaven:"

The Life He Left Behind - "And as far as false hope, there is no such thing."

100 Mistakes for the President to Choose From - "Bush still hasn't answered the question."

The Cracks in Bush's Crown - "Haunted by his father's defeat"

For What Did We Die, Mr. Bush? - "Why, Mr. Bush, did you send us to die?"

A Republican Declares His Independence - "The future of our democracy is at stake."

"Bush Lied, My Son Died" - "I never thought it would hurt this bad"

Iraq War Stimulated Terrorism - "Blix suggested Washington and London had lost perspective"

Block the Vote - "The accusations are backed by physical evidence and appear credible."

Bush 'Not Concerned' about Bin Laden - "John F. Kerry caught President Bush off guard"

GOP Paid Firm Faces Voter Fraud Charge - "Ex-worker says he saw Demos' forms trashed."

Baker's Double Life - "Baker is aligned with two parties - the US government and Carlyle"

Transcript: Third Presidential Debate - Following is a transcript

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